Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher dead at 60


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Dead Celebrity

Fuck you 2016!! Fuck you with a lightsaber!!!

One with the Force, she is now.

RIP Carrie


had to add this




As I said elsewhere, this combined with my birthday yesterday makes me feel old.

She was one of the youngest in the cast too :frowning:


Alright, I have some real beef with 2016 unholsters blaster


I am just so god damn tired of this year and everything it’s taken from us.




Always a badass…


Many years ago one of the cable channels ran a marathon of the first (and at the time only) Star Wars movies with Fisher doing bits of commentary between commercials.

During Return Of The Jedi she said that just as Luke, Han, and Chewie were about to be put in the Saarlac pit she improvised a line that was something like “Don’t worry about me guys! I’ll be fine.” She paused and added, “I was really glad George left it in.”

I don’t think her sense of humor was ever fully appreciated.


I just saw the Celebrity Death Beeper notification e-mail for this. This was the first one in a while that made me utter “god damnit!” out loud.


Curse you 2016. END ALLREADY!
This has truly been an annus horribilis.


This year is taking from us until 11:59.59 on the 31st. I don’t know how many more gut punches we’re going to get before then, but this year intends to leave us with the same awfulness it came in with.

May the Force be with Carrie, and Carrie with the Force.



David Bowie
Gene Wilder
David Gest
Muhammad Ali
George Michael

And now this. Can 2016 get any worse?

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A Prince. A Princess. And … the Queen is sick. I have concerns.



Lemmy was still 2015.


Jesus, don’t jinx it. It always gets worse.


Ah, thanks for the heads up. I’ll fix that.


I consider Lemmy to be honorary 2016 since it was so close to EOY 2015 (Dec 28 to be specific)