Report: Carrie Fisher suffers heart attack


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The year that just won’t quit it.


Yikes. Get well soon. And 2016 can just kick it.


Wtf did we ever do to you, 2016?


You know what you did!


What the shit… At least the plane was only 15 minutes away from landing and there was apparently an off duty EMT on board.

Hoping for the best here…


Well fuck, I really hope she’s okay. The world needs more people like her, not less.


Shit. The video got out, didn’t it? Dammit, dammit, dammit. It’s all my fault. Noooooooooo…


Well this is bullshit. Can’t this year stop kicking us in the groin already?


Hopefully they presented their credentials…


I hope that she will get better! Sad to hear she suffered a stroke she was always my favorite Star Wars character. I just saw Rouge One in theaters and was impressed with what they made of her younger character. My prayers go out for her and her family as they deal with this.


Something tells me we’ll be looking back quite fondly on 2016 soon enough…


Fingers cross.


2016, you can take David Bowie, you can take Prince, you can take Alan Rickman, but keep your grubby hands off of Carrie.


Seriously 2016?!?!?!? Fuck you, even if she survives. Double fuck you if she doesn’t.


2016: I hereby dub thee:

The Year of the Shart


I feel a great disturbance in the Force


She is on “assisted breathing”.


Noooooooo!!! </Vader voice>

Sounds like shes stable so hopefully she will pull through ok.


Stable, but on assisted breathing, though. I feel some sickening deja vu.