Miriam Carey, woman killed in Capitol car chase, believed Obama 'electronically monitoring' her


This is why mental health care accessibility is important. Also has anyone heard how her little girl is doing?


Back in college, my friends and I would collect news snippets about incidents in which someone’s delusions or obsessions became public.

These accounts used to be a rare “treat.” (Hah-hah! Some nutter thinks Elvis is mining cocaine on Ganymede and is asking for help through the slot of a sanitary napkin dispenser in a gas station rest room in Cherry Hill NJ!)

The web changed that. In addition to making the stories easier to find, it let the delusional post themselves. And it quickly went from entertaining to depressing and sad. While the details vary, there’s a poignant sad repetitious quality to these delusions. There’s a confused and desperate person trying to deal with a miswired brain behind each one.

I hope Carey’s daughter gets a loving home.


“echo-chamber demonizing of Obama”

You have to admit, this “demonization” is entirely justified. Barack has established himself to be quite the little fascist.


Too bad the demonizing most people hear is that he’s (supposedly) the opposite, a “socialist.”


“believed President Obama was electronically monitoring her Connecticut home in order to broadcast her life on television,”

Well, she wasn’t completely wrong. Not Obama directly of course, but presumably the NSA has something about her in one of their big-ass databases.


She sounds like she might have been schizophrenic.


Well, in a way, she was correct. Because, well, Snowden. She was just mistaken that she was the ONLY one being monitored.

Hell, given THIS administration, I’d love to see the list who ISN’T being monitored. I expect it will be short. . .


Wasn’t this story originally featured at BB?


Compare her rantings with the rantings of the NSA. Strange the strength of the parallels between them. I heard that religious people can tell the difference between a ‘holy person’ and a insane person because they become entranced at ‘the right time’. Here we have a person who hears voices in their head, think everyone is out to get them, and made an attempt to strike out at the people who they think winshed them ill. A similar set of events aparantly happened at the Washington Navy yard last week. Yet when politicians, and other government officials listen in on those who they think wish them ill, they also strike out violently against the people they think wish them ill. Funny, we also accept paranoia and striking out violently ‘at the right times’.

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I think so. But is it paranoia when, as revelations have shown, they ARE monitoring us ???

After all, just because you’re paranoid, does not mean they AREN’T out to get you. . . (grin)

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Very young children tend to not be “as” damaged by things like this.

I’m certain during the events she was very far from being a happy little girl, but if you’re forced to go through something like this in your lifetime, it’s probably best to do so before you’re able to really understand what’s going on, and in a period of your life you’re overwhelmingly unlikely to remember later on.

At least as far as direct consequences go, that is. The secondary effects are terrible and life-changing in their own right, but they’re not immediate. The child is likely doing as well as any other child would be right now. It’s what’s to come in her future that is of the greater concern.

That IS crazy. Everyone knows it’s really Buddy Holly.


Yep, Anton Wilson pointed out in one of his books (I think Prometheus Rising) the stunning parallels between the national security apparatus and paranoid schizophrenia.

The problem is that that is rarely what he gets demonized for. He’s in the strange position of being an authoritiarian corporatist whose enemies think he’s an america-hating, deep cover muslim bent on bringing in communism and whose friends still think he’s some sort of nice guy.


Please, most paranoid schizophrenics are harmless…


I’d think it was more likely she had postpartum psychosis.

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how a woman with no known history of violence could end up in such a violent confrontation

It happens all the time, it’s called “the police shot her”


It used to be that if someone was schizophrenic they were alone, but now they can listen to the Alex Jones show and hear all the classic paranoid schizophrenic delusions echoed right back at them. The “mind control” and international conspiracy delusions are totally mainstream in the militia movement, and even Jared Loughner’s grammar/hypnotism delusions are part of the Sovereign Citizens movement.

The key difference is that today a paranoid schizophrenic is told constantly that they need guns - lots and lots of guns so they can resist the Illuminati’s black helicopters.


How’s the bunker coming along?

You know Obama would make an odd choice for a fascist, since Fascism is invariably obsessed with crushing the Jews, gays, immigrants, atheists, and above all the “liberal press.” Oh and Fascism pretty much always has an official state religion.

Also, since blacks support Obama by a 90% margin, does that mean that by definition that black people represent a Fascist fifth column in the US and they will soon be marching arm in arm with the Klan? Oh wait no, that would make blacks the “real Fascists” while the Klan would be the anti-Fascists, even the ones that mix and match with the swastika armbands. See how it works?

Here, this is a Fascist arguing for the classic religious/military junta to take over the country