Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are literally demons, says Trump ally Alex Jones of Infowars


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Fucked up crazy guy with a reputation for saying stupid incoherent stupid shit, says stupid incoherent stupid shit.

Film at 11.


Paraphrasing the words of Kate McKinnon as HRC:

#“Ya’ brain broke; bish, ya cray.


He is what we call a useful idiot. Obama and Clinton are actually Reptilians.


You don’t think Alex Jones believes that they’re 12 mutually exclusive things?

There’s a well-characterized phenomenon in psychology where as soon as someone starts earnestly believing in one grand conspiracy, they’re likely to believe in multiple contradictory grand conspiracies simultaneously.

It’s quite frankly amazing.


I’m guessing it has something to do with the massive amounts of narrative improv inherent in conspiracy theories.

Everyone just “yes ands-” each other.


The lady doth protest too much, methinks


Naw, that’s just Alex Jonse’s voice.

Seriously, at his level of conspiracy thinking it seems like a mental illness. Not exactly schizophrenia, but some kind of thought disorder where he can’t coherently keep track of anything going on inside his head.


Wait, now I’m confused. I thought Trump was the useful idiot. You’re saying useful idiots can have useful idiots?


It’s idiots all the way down.


Oh absolutely. It’s idiots all the way down.

@Mister44 Bastard.


At some point you’d think this kind of nutso would be counterproductive for the fans of tRump…

I mean, if I found myself agreeing with this guy on any topic at all, I’d be forced to do a bit of a reality check to make sure that it wasn’t batshit insane (because of the probability that anything that comes out of his mouth is insane…). Oxygen is good to breathe? Better fact check that.


Of course there’s the idea that Alex Jones is really just a huckster/charlatan who makes this shit up to ensure a loyal audience (“only I have the truth!”-- similar to the Fox News “don’t trust the liberal media” game), and if he is (and not just batshit crazy) then logically he would need to keep upping the ante-- chemtrails and HAARP can never really be proven or disproven, but if you spend 8 years talking about how Obama is going to take your guns and put you in a FEMA camp and it never happens you have to shovel some even bigger horseshit to make people forget about that.


More terrifying still to think that there’s no conspiracy and nobody’s really in control.

But saying “Obama and Hillary are kind of boring but relatively competent centrists propelled along by the accumulated inertia of recent US politics” doesn’t have the same ring as “They’re hellspawn with brimstone boots trampling children and animals.”


Doesn’t damage to the hippocampus lead to an exaggerated impulse to find connections and patterns, as often seen in religious beliefs, and also a willingness to believe in conspiracy theories? Did he get kicked in the head by a mule, perchance?


I guess just calling him a “secret muslim” doesn’t cut it anymore.


Seems like he wants to be more than just another sous chef in the Buffet of Lies.


Once in a while, GooTube inexplicably suggests that I watch a video by this guy. I read the batshit title, then see that the video has millions of views.

I picked a hell of a decade to stop drinking.

Perhaps unicorn chasers are passe, but I need something to help take the edge off this month.

Serious request to boing editors: for each post related to the candidacy of Volde-------, can we get a post that combines deep-dreaming, capybaras, and old-school hip-hop?



Takes one to know one.


For much of his audience, they may not discern a difference.