John Oliver reveals Alex Jones's woo-empire of overpriced, terror-fuelled quack remedies

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Last night was great reporting.

That said, I can’t stand the skits at the end of his show. I have not been able to sit through more than a few seconds of those.

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Even bad publicity is publicity.

John Oliver should know this is shooting-an-empty-barrel level stuff. He’s a smart guy. Aim higher. Alex Jones doesn’t need more airtime.


I don’t know what is more depressing - bat shit insane guy ranting - or totally sane buy playing a character to sell you over priced lavender water.


“This video is not available.”

Obviously it was taken down by them!


Actually, Alex Jones has access to and support from our president. That is beyond frightening. The right wing nut jobs need exposure in order that the public can truly understand who they are voting for, or in the case of sane people against.


Alex Jones anal bulimia saleman.


I have to agree with you.

Alex Jones does not get to be the person that controls which part of Alex Jones we know and talk about at all.

That dude needs aired out more than goodwill skeet blanket.


John Oliver has stated that he views him self as a comedian and not a journalist. That probably means some times he’s going to go for the easy joke and there are few jokes easier to make that mocking Alex Jones.


The entire point of LWT’s piece was that Jone’s claimed his rant that Oliver commented on was taken out of context. That while Olver had used it for comedic purposes that for Jones it was unfair.

So. LWT said “alright. We shall show the full context of your rants” and reported out on infowars in its entirety. Showing how he basically is fear mongering and scaring people and then purporting to have the cure/answer for only $29.95.

LWT just demonstrated perfectly how Alex Jones is a snake oil salesman. He convinces you of a disease you don’t have and sells you the cure. He’s not the only person in the world doing this. We’ve had them long before Jones and will long after Jones. I just love that LWT continues to go after these sorts of stories with great conviction, and the perfect blend of solid editorial news practices and comedic snark and derision.


I think more people need to understand why that is.


@nungesser it’s a fine line right? Giving him more airtime could solidify those that already love him and feed his cause. Then again giving him more exposure could also expose him for the snake oil salesman he truly is.

It’s hard to tell what will happen when you give a fraud the attention they crave. They could end up broke and disgraced like many a TVangelist has. They also can end up elected the 45th president.


I absolutely agree that the ridiculous snake-oil products he sells and his terrifying level of support from the president should get more attention and airtime. I know that showing clips of him screaming about gay frogs and Mars sex colonies is an easy laugh for someone like John Oliver, but if we get past the freakshow aspect of Jones, there’s a lot to explore there. To be frank I simply can’t stand five seconds of Alex Jones’ screaming head, no matter whether it’s set to folk music or on a comedy show.


Just you wait. Any day know he will stop goofing off and start acting presidential.


In order to look presidential, Trump would have to apologize for ever giving a raving lunatic like Alex Jones any consideration. I don’t expect a statement like that coming anytime soon.
Remember when Cruz and Huckabee went to a gathering put on by Kevin Swanson who basically promised to strip naked and cover himself with shit in the event that his son were to get gay married? That didn’t help their chances at nomination. The politically connected crazies need exposure.

In Jonesworld we should be scared of the Muslims because of 9/11, which they didn’t do because it was a secret inside job by the American government which is controlled by demons…

I’m going to have a lie-down until my headache goes away.


Nooooooooooooo! The more time Trump spends tweeting and playing golf is less time he has in his life to screwing over America. We need to keep him as busy as possible with stupid useless crap.



And you think they are watching John Oliver?

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Yes. some people who did not know who Alex Jones was, learned about him for the first time on a recent episode of John Oliver’s show. Yes. I think that is accurate.