John Oliver is back and he's got 24 golden minutes on Trump's pathological lies


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So how. Convince people that trump isn’t brilliant and it wasn’t simply having a massive head start due to daddy’s money and the influence that buys along with the sick fascination of a train wreck?


Preaching to the choir as usual?



John Oliver has surprisingly well done presentations that are both informative and entertaining.


And you just directly proved that you didn’t bother watching the whole video (if any of it) before commenting. Sad!


Note that the Alex Jones Sandy Hook Truther clip was so repulsive that the audience couldnt even boo at it.


The communists had the term “useful fool”. I see it more relevant than ever. :frowning:


Damn, I nearly pissed myself at the end… :smiley:

(Edit: …and a fair number of you happy mutants know that I do have a catheter, which says something about how hard I was laughing…)


Sliding infomercials directly aimed at Trump into tv programming is brilliant.


This was entertaining, but I I think he’s really on to something here in general. Some sort of counter psy-ops. TV commercials are perfect.


At 11:48 in…just look at it!


The cable ads with facts are the same smug style as his show. Something tells me that’s not going to work as expected.


Work how?

You think he’s really trying to educate Trump?


Same as before: preaching to the choir


Agreed. All this smug ‘look at you for believing this shit’ act is going to do is make them circle harder. Back perceived threat with what they see as actual attacks and they have a closed mind to any information you may have.

We need a better approach. That is not to say Mr Oliver is not needed. He is someone that does wonderfully to educate anyone that vaguely knows but has few detail. He is great for energizing the crowd that is weary and tired. He managed to provoke us all into raiding the FCC’s comment section.


And just to really zing Trump, he was clearly holding that phone in the wrong direction. The thin part’s supposed to be in front of the mouth. Only a real fool would hold it the other way…



It’s a center-left topical comedy. I wouldn’t expect much else.

I think it’s a lot better when it goes in depth into subjects. Slagging off Trump is like shooting fish in a barrel.


I doubt that anyone expects any kind of reasonable info to actually permeate whatever is under that shit weasel perched on top of his head.


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