John Oliver presents all the swamp creatures Trump has poured in the swamp

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It doesn’t matter. His followers love him and every decision he makes. This is all fake news and non-stories to them.


I think no one with an iota of critical thinking ability ever considered that slogan to be anything but empty words.

Which is to say: I agree with @quori


It’s almost like the Republican Party has become a religious cult and ⊥rump is their high priest.

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that’s the issue of where we are at now, right? Supporters of Nostradumbass aren’t watching LWT. So who does Oliver’s piece benefit? It only reiterates within the echo chamber of the left/moderates who already KNOW 45 isn’t draining the swamp…he’s milking it for every dollar he can.

So then items like this just fuel the right wing “Oh check out the Libtard tears and rage…so delicious!!!” fire.

I love LWT and John Oliver…but pieces like this I can do without. It only reminds me of what I already know. I prefer the pieces he does where it tells me something new.

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well, that kissy face is my nightmare fuel for tonight.

Hey, even DaVinci ran out of ideas from time to time, and just painted some nobleman’s girlfriend.

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On a related, wider note, I’ve read many, many columns in which some social/political expert or commentator complains about Trump (or Brexit, I’m British), offers an opinion that current liberal/progressive tactics don’t work and need to change, and can’t give any indication about how to change them effectively.

Thanks, I know that already. I also know I’m not clever or informed enough to work out what to do about it.

We’re not only in our own echo chamber, we don’t know how to break out of it however much we want to.

At least the Trumpists and Brexiteers are happy in their echo chambers. That’s a big part of the problem, actually.

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If a lifelong liar and fraud says he’d drain the swamp well, damn, the last thing he could be expected to do is drain the swamp.
Too, Trump buildings are a further clue: All ugly or just cheap crap.

Given that this site is hosted in Toronto, it’s frustrating that you can’t view any of these videos when you are actually in Toronto.

Posting these US Centric Geo-fenced links is really frustrating.

True for the followers that love him. But anything that can peel off fence-sitters and independents is more than welcome.

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