John Oliver's season finale: analyzing Trump's year of attacks on truth, decency and America

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Oliver’s vids are always “unavailable” for me a while after they go up; is this some sort of censorship thing?

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LWT has seriously knocked every single ball thrown at it out of the park. They are batting 1000 in my book.

I was astounded that as Oliver recapped the various items that they were indeed all THIS YEAR! It is stunning that it hasn’t even been a full year of the administration and we have the chaotic mess that we do.

My personal fave moment from last nights episode was how they used iOS predictive text and it sounded remarkably just like a Trump speech. And it is amazing how incoherent his words and thoughts actually are when you read them as transcripts. There is nothing intelligible whatsoever in what he says.

One correction to LWT/Oliver: 80% is a low ball number…I’d put it around 92.8% of the internet is trolling.


We need to keep this in everyone’s face.

We can’t let “crisis fatigue” or sheer shock numb us to the enormity of ⊥rump’s incompetence, venality, and transparent intention to erase the social progress we’ve made in the past decade ors so.

People who didn’t vote in the 2016 elections need to be reminded over and over again.


The problem isn’t that Trump is an idiot. There are a lot of idiots running around. The problem is that a sizable portion of the electorate thought that this special kind of idiot is/was a good choice for the head of state.


I think many people see him as a refreshing kind of idiot. One who wears it proudly on his sleeve.

I think it depends on location. In Canada, the vids tend to be unavailable for about a month. I assume the theory is that if I really want to watch then I should be paying for HBO

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I think a lot of people see a mirror.


If you choose not to decide and you happen to live in the right place, you have still made a choice.

(different story if the popular vote were responsible for deciding elections)

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It’s not just about the president though.


Fantastic piece. Anyone who reads or participates in Internet comment forums (including this one, well moderated though it is) will be familiar with all three tactics.

The only part I disagreed with was his contention that the MAGA Know-Nothing types aren’t participating in these tactics to wind up liberals and progressives; for many of them, sitting as they are on the wrong side of history, spite is all they have left. If expressing that spite involves cutting off their own noses they’ll still do it.


Trump’s poll numbers are hovering around a dismal 30%. What really scares me isn’t Trump or anything he might do- It’s the fact that I have to share the country with nearly 100 million people who think Trump is doing a good job.


I was about to fire up a torrent client or a proxy, but then I found that this link works, for some strange reason.

EDIT: Ahh, it has an obnoxious rock song playing in the background. Torrent it is.

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I wonder how “President” Trump will be depicted in political or history textbooks in 20, 50 or 70 years. Will he get swept under the rug? Will students read and analyze his “speeches”? Will he be seen as a faux-pas that somehow happened? I just can’t wait for his reign to be over, but the aftermath will be interesting to watch as well.

BTW: Maybe the sane media could pick up the “President” in quotation marks as a standard? While Germany was divided, the publications of the conservative Springer family always printed “DDR” (GDR) in quotation marks, as a constant reminder that there was nothing “democratic” about East Germany. Just about as “presidential” as Mr. Drumpf is…

You do realise that John Oliver is a foreigner interfering in US elections?

(This comment brought to you by the Trump Fake News rebuttal team.)


He still hasn’t answered the most pressing question. Is her name Mary-Kate or Ashley?


If you want to watch this without torrenting or otherwise, this link works for me: (tube unblock)

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Last Week Tonight started with the election this season then after a few weeks he tried to swear off Trump shows but almost every week the news just wouldn’t let him. Comedy gold but sad.

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