'FAKE NEWS is the enemy,' Trump texts to fans, blaming failure on 'SABOTAGE' by 'SWAMP' creatures


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/05/31/fake-news-is-the-enemy.html


There are a million suckers born every minute


Someone has to pay for his lawyers.


Why exactly are they still demanding money?

That’s what a sucker list is for. The exact reasons – campaign 2020, legal defence fund, gold toilet savings account – don’t matter as long as they can gull the weak-witted into handing over nice fungible cash.


He’d better get their cash now before it all goes to higher insurance premiums.


These same people are buying up Jim Bakker Buckets. Buy now while supplies last!

$165 bucket of fake food. Fools and their money…


“And if you donate at the Gold level, we’ll give you this Trump University degree!”


But they are still outpaced by phantom “illegal voters”


  1. Eat in bucket
  2. Shit in bucket
  3. Repeat

Follow these simple steps and have food to eat forever!


is that what’s in there?


So “drain the swamp” already, Lil’ Trumpy.


“I have no comment on these allegations.”


Just to add a bit of fuel to any conspiracy fires out there …

It gives him a list of people he can count on to be loyal when he stages his coup to keep power and create a new royal dynasty ruling over Amerika.

Unfortunately, the part about a list of loyal people isn’t all that crazy.


The Swamp is where Pepe the Toad lives, right?


Salo was about the hypocrisy of Italian fascism.


At least he uses cutlery. Seriously. Just today I witnessed supposedly professionals who ate right out of the container, from a table littered with bags, paper, packaging.


I don’t understand, if we stop christian genocide however will we have enough soylent green to go into the buckets?!?


tRump’s business model.


It’s not the sabotage, it’s the covfefe.