Trump Tweet: 'I refer to Fake News Media when mentioning Enemy of the People'


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“That is why I join [George] Will and other principled conservatives, both current and former Republicans, in rooting for a Democratic takeover of both houses in November,” he wrote. “Like postwar Germany and Japan, the Republican Party must be destroyed before it can be rebuilt.”

Max Boot, Reagan conservative.


“Enemy of the People”? Wow, he’s more cultured that I would have given him credit for – I didn’t think he read Ibsen!




Sulla never had twitter, either.


Seriously, how is that not alarming Congress? Even the most cynical, self interested swamp monster has to read that and shudder, no? There’s not much between making that statement and literally waving a red flag.


Guys - guys! It’s fine! He’s not talking about all media. He’s talking about all media except Fox News, Breitbart, Infowars… wait, this really isn’t helping, is it?


Let’s see what the real fake news industry has to say about the Donster.


Donald Trump isn’t just a compulsive, serial liar, he’s a 180-degree liar. So he’s not Putin’s puppet – Hillary is the puppet. He isn’t ruining the economy – Obama ruined the economy. He isn’t an enemy of the people – the sources of news that inform us of his crimes, mistakes, and obvious stupidity are the enemy of the people.


He’s rubber. like, the best rubber, so bouncy, you’re gonna be amazed how much stuff does not stick to it. And you’re glue, just sticky. disgusting, everything sticks to you. sad.


Most of the time, I suspect that he says outrageous things to take attention away from serious problems or dirty deals he’s involved with.


I read that article. It was good, although you could almost hear the blinders being lifted from his eyes. Folks like him start getting massacred, and all of a sudden he’s “wait, this isn’t what America is about!” Uh, dude? It really is, you just haven’t been paying attention.




Roger that!



If he’s referring to Faux News, why yes they’re the enemy of the people.


maybe he wouldn’t have such a problem with being “misinterpreted” if he could string together a coherent sentence, like, EVER.