Trump deletes post that describes mainstream media as "enemy of the American people."


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You mad bro?


He only deleted it so he could add more media companies to his tweet.

Fucking unhinged. Now watch as Paul Ryan does fuck all about a President going directly against the First Amendment.


He needs a safe space methinks.

What would be REAL good is if the press just said “Fine, we won’t cover you anymore” and started watching Congress like a hawk. They just ignore 45 and watch the TGOP instead.


Now, whenever the media brings up the existence of the original tweet, Trump will howl that the original was a fake that had been generated by the media. As night follows day.


That’s not a joke, for anyone who thought it might be.


Oooo . . . I like that idea.

Never happen though, Trump = viewers/readers in the same way that car crash = rubberneckers/traffic jam.


I’d be down with that except for his Leadership by Executive Order/Diktat. No telling what the next one might order up:

trump: "Milkshakes for everyone!!!! The Lactose Intolerable will just have to Suck It Up! Sad!


Friday evening is when Ivanka and Jared aren’t allowed to handle technology, right?


isn’t he late for his 3rd vacation in 4 weeks?


Let’s see, shall we? I bet they all do.


“Fake news” . . . the more Trump says it the less weight it has (although I think currently it only has validity with conservatives.) People hear the reports, then more reports are added on top, details are revealed, Trump fires Flynn then tries to explain it away-- if there are more scenarios like this Trump’s “fake news” mantra will be an obvious tell that it’s not fake at all.


I guess they could cover that, but not anything else he does. Still if there is a massive protest when 45 goes someplace, the press could cover that


From the horse’s mouth:



They’ll all go to Samantha Bee’s nerd prom.




Maybe he realized he went a little too far this time.


Or his handlers realized etc etc.


Definitely a band name: The Lactose Intolerables.

(Lactose intolerant, OTOH is less ‘bandy’)