President-elect Trump returns to Twitter to lash out at "very unfair" media


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The first one was in response to him thinking Romney had won the popular vote, for added shits and giggles.

He’s a fucking child.


The media giving him billions of dollars of free coverage is “unfair”? Please please be fair to him then.


Just the first of what is sure to be many thousands of times that I will be utterly disheartened to be proven right.


Go fuck yourself, tRump. Don’t confuse the media’s honesty with being unfair. It’d be unfair for the media to hide all the repugnant shit you said and are. The hate right back at you is perfectly fair. Being born on third base and then carried home on a gilded throne doesn’t impress us.


The medias not even displaying bias but reporting that persons don’t like him. This perspective NEEDS to be eradicated posthaste!

Really the most I can hope for is that this kills the 24/7 media cycle.


But was it the real realDonaldTrump on his Android phone? He must have been jonesing pretty bad after a week of Twitter withdrawl.


You’ve got to be kidding. They’ll make a mint out of televising this arsehole all day long.


That didn’t take long.

I just knew KNEW i shouldn’t have fucking read some of the responses.


Oy vey. Are Trump’s tweets going to be subject to the Presidential Records Act, and be preserved for posterity?

(And will he be prosecuted if he deletes one?)


His presidential library is going to be something to behold.


The finest vellum, with gold leaf lettering.


It’ll probably just be one room, with his phone on a pedestal.


It’s going to be yuuge. Very classy.


All the best words. He knows lots of words.


Does anyone know an RSS hack that would let me screen out any Boing Boing articles that mention Trump? If they also screen out articles about bridge…bonus.


I’d just love to see accurate ratings one day so these record profits meet that many of us have opted out for good of this trash coverage.




His “moderate personality” act lasted all of two days.
Welcome back, Mr. Trump.


“Professional” protestors? You mean I can make a living protesting Trump? Sign me up!