Trump's Hamilton tweetstorm: calculated distraction from fraud settlement, or fragile mediocrity?

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I’m gonna go with — both distraction and fragile mediocrity.

Poor Donnyflake, he’s so harassed for doing what he said he never does (settle lawsuits) and for having his careerist retrograde politician sidekick directly addressed by members of the cast of a Broadway musical.

It’s as though a revolution might be coming, you know, one where oppressed subjects rebel against an authoritarian regime of men who make laws that deny some people the basic civil rights to which they are entitled as human beings.

Someone should write a musical about it.


What a great idea! Let’s call it Deplorables!


Although the Donald was more than willing to move the conversation away from his fraud settlement, he still tweeted about it (and unintentionally admitted that had it gone to trial, he was looking at losing a lot more money); Cheeto Mussolini just isn’t smart enough to engineer this. Looking at this election, his win seems to be down to sheer, dumb luck - he said things until something resonated, then repeated that, and I still don’t think he understands why it is he won. Yet again, the whole of the blame falls squarely on the fucking media - they were the ones that focused on one story over the other. They couldn’t resist a gossipy story over one that required research and explanation that might bore readers - in other words, they went for the click-bait. (After all, Boing Boing discussed only one of those stories, for I’m sure the same reason.) Trump didn’t manipulate anyone into that - he simply provided the option, just like he always does, and just like they always go for it. However, this is another system with feedback that Trump could figure out, especially now that it’s being talked about, and when he does, just imagine how the next four years will go.


This thin-skinned grifter plays to his “strengths” even if he’s not aware he’s doing it, so …


He can’t not respond to people who “wrong” him. Newspapers, TV networks, television shows, politicians, celebrities … all who show any level of non-support are in his radar.

I personally know someone like this. He is financially successful but is an utterly despicable human being – his entire career was thanks to good friends carrying his weight and letting him hang out and get paid for it. Completely useless in the office. Literally hated by all others except his business partners. He is always on the lookout for people who disrespect him – at work and elsewhere – or think he is less capable. Lashes out at interns, clients, everyone. If you like your job you had to kiss his ass. I lasted two years He has sent lawyers after some who he thinks deserved it. Sound familiar? Bottom line … his insecurity was so apparent. Constantly needing to be REVERED. Sad!


Are you talking about the Electoral College? If so, that’s hardly “little invoked”: it’s chosen the president in every election since 1789 except for 1800 and 1824 (when no candidate got an absolute majority of votes in the College, so the House of Representatives got to choose instead).

And “virtually no one understands it”? It’s not exactly complicated: the states appoint the Electoral College under their own arrangements – in almost every case a state-wide poll – with each state getting a number of electors determined by its population; the electors then elect the president. Surely pretty much anyone with more than a passing interest in the election has a good grasp of it.


It has only chosen a different president than the popular vote would have five times.


:musical_note: Springtime for Hitler :musical_note:

Wait, wrong musical…

…meh, still works.


Sheer, dumb luck plus the alt-right, plus the Republican political machine, plus evangelicals who believe that women seeking abortions should find instead punishment, plus the strange magnetic force that seems to exist between authoritarian followers and the strong men they adore.

But now the media gets a four year free ride, by writing about every stupid thing the Cheeto-In-Chief says. We should help them, by MakingDonaldMeltDownAgain


Sure, let’s run with it. I’ll start

Springtime for Donald in Washington
Winter for you and for me.
Alt right is telling lies again
The South is on the rise again


This was so good it almost seemed like a setup. :slight_smile:


I don’t think you mean to say “special snowflake,” which implies uniqueness. Maybe “thin-skinned” is closer to the donald?


It’s an ego-damaged child paying attention to the one thing that matters to it - desperately defending its self-image. The Sociopath in Chief isn’t intelligent enough to think of distracting anyone from anything. It’s so stupid it isn’t capable of thinking about two things in the same day. And whether or not the Sociopath in Chief is trying to distract anyone isn’t relevant. What is relevant is the fact that it may soon be impossible to read this article unless you’ve printed a hard copy.

Any American who is interested in keeping stories like this, OR the stories it links to, had better start coming up with ways to ensure they have copies. The Sociopath In Chief has proven it has an ego so fragile it makes the whiniest goth pussy look like the Rock of Gibraltar. It has announced its personal goal is to nullify the First Amendment; we know it intends to spend the next 4 years doing everything it can to silence any professional journalist who doesn’t kiss its feet. Do you really think the Traitor In Chief and its minions whose aim is to turn this country into the Fifth Reich are going to ignore web sites like this? They just haven’t gotten around to this place yet.

The Traitor in Chief in a couple of months is going to take control of the NSA, the largest, best financed, best equipped domestic thoughtcrime detection apparatus in all history. Joe Stalin had wet dreams about having a dissent-detection mechanism like the NSA. Do you actually think for one second that the Sociopath in Chief is going to keep them reined in? Shit, it’s going to unleash a reign of terror against anyone who speaks against it that will make the ghost of Joe McCarthy come in his pants. There will be an undeclared war by Washington against Web sites and posters who have ever posted anything uncomplimentary about the Fascist Shitmonger in Chief.

If you want to keep a record of what people really think of the Traitor in Chief, you better start pulling dead storage copies now, before the Sociopath in Chief has its tools introduce bills that make it illegal to read things like Doctorow’s post. I’ll bet you any amount of money you like and give you favorable odds that we’re going to see a storm surge of laws about what you can post on the internet or put in newspapers or news broadcasts. There’s going to be initiatives to pass laws that would make it illegal for anyone but a government-approved source to distribute any kind of opinion piece about the government or anyone in it.

A lot of people, over the years, have badly misused and abused the phrase “you have to fight for your right to…” They’ve cheapened it into advertising for certain shoes or for stupid, pointless juvenile crap like partying. Well, with a “President” like the incoming Wannabe Dictator in Chief, we have returned to the days where if you want the right of free speech, you will have to fight for it. And you will have to mean “fight” in literal truth. In the old fashioned way - with honest to God danger and pain. And if you don’t have the backbone to face that, Christ help this nation because no one else will be able to.


Dumb luck, Gerrymandering, and voter suppression.


Where is the 3 to 4,000,000 popular vote difference information? When I look it up all I can find is 1 to 2,000,000 votes And yes I dictated this to my phone which is why the long numbers are all written out


You’re probably right about this, but I think underestimating these folks (or the people who work for them) is dangerous - along the lines of thinking of North Korean dictators as laughable bafoons instead of the power mad butchers that they are.


Right now it’s about 1 to 2 mil but there are still a lot of votes still being counted. Yeah that bit is probably a bit of exaggeration at the moment.