Ad agency guys make their own anti-Trump ad, it's good


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At one point, the dual mics look like a Hitler mustache.


Not bad, but I would have gone with the footage of him mocking the disabled.


That man sure did learn a lot from his time in the world of pro-wrestling. Mocking his opponents is just another method toward defeating them, and for drumming up support from his “fans.”


This official ad has a similar approach, and with the children and music takes a note from the Sarah McLachlan SPCA commercial.



You mean this?


There are just so many things one could bring up in an anti-Trump ad, so many. . . I’m still waiting for Hillary or some Hillary PAC to have an ad just listing all his lawsuits, the contractors and business partners he’s ruined, the shady ways his projects like Trump Tower and the Scottish golf course were built.

But I guess that would more than a 30-second commercial.


With every passing day tRump puts further meaning to this gif, we have that to be thankful for.


This ad has been playing in my area for several weeks and I find it far more effective


It’s amazing to think that that single moment, if it had been any other candidate, would have torpedoed their chances. Howard Dean got brought down by a single scream. And yet this - and a million other moments just like it - hasn’t hurt Trump.

He’s so often overtly screwed over business partners, investors, sold his name to be used in outright scams, ripped off workers (by, for example, not paying them), been involved in so many shady business dealings of which just a couple would normally have, yet again, been enough to sink another presidential candidate. Yet it doesn’t seem to hurt him. Although in this case, ignorance on the part of his supporters is at least partially to blame. But still, when Trump said he could shoot someone and it wouldn’t hurt his popularity, he may not have been entirely wrong. He’s created this fantasy (or rather other people have created it for him) that’s highly seductive to some people. The reality doesn’t seem to matter much to tRumpists.


These losers need to shut up and let the job creators and entrepreneurs speak.


Meh. Just a less effective, watered-down (no pun intended) version of this much better ad from HRC:


I recall a couple months ago that a senior Hilary campaigner (speaking anonymously) said that they couldn’t have asked for a better opponent in terms of source material for their attack ads. (This person didn’t say ‘attack ads’ but you knew that’s what they meant.)


Kudos to Kasich for not endorsing this clown. Say what you want about the guy, but at least he’s not willing to sacrifice his own integrity for the “good” of the party. He’s the anti-Christie.


Yeah, at this point I see Kasich sitting on the sidelines with Romney and the Bushes. Can’t blame 'em. If Trump were running on the Democratic ticket, I’d vote Green without hesitation and encourage my representatives to find any reason to impeach him should be he elected into office.


His whole campaign really has just been an extended heel promo. Trouble is, it’s a shoot, not a work.


As we’re now living in the post-eu referendum singularity it should serve as a warning not to underestimate that part of the electorate who feel forgotten by the system and taking it out on the establishment by voting in a worse establishment. They are right to be angry but they chose the wrong target. All attempts to sling shit at fromage and his cronies neo-nazi pals only seemed to increase their popularity and those turds just slid right off.


That wasn’t an anti-Trump ad. It just pointed out the very seriousness of your vote. It said nothing negative at all, and featured images of Mr. Trump delivering an important speech about his policies. How is that anti-Trump?


Might be more effective without the over the top scary music.