A Trump-supporting super PAC is running this terrifying campaign-style ad


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Not going to give it the time or energy. I got a country to save!


Tweet is protected/deleted.
Anyone got a youtube copy?


It’s essentially the same thing as what’s on the phone message but with images of Trump and crowds of his supporters. You can find it with a little googling.

This is not all that surprising, it’s basically the same as campaign junk mail. It appears that only days into his Presidency, Trump is already raising money for 2020 (or to be fair, a Super PAC allied with him is raising money, if there’s really a difference.)

We have always been at war with Eastasia.




The angstrom-thin silver lining here is that this suggests that Trump still anticipates that (1) there will be a general election in 2020, and (2) there will candidates from other parties running against him. Gotta hedge your bets.


Or, sadly, that he likes having events and commercials and all kinds of stuff about how great he is. After all, he held a few more campaign rallies after the election.

Oh, and also a way for people to give him money, loan himself money, etc.


The irony of your remark is that any silver lining has to be thicker than one angstrom to exist.


Planck length?


Going to cancel my Hulu subscription if they keep running NRA, pro trump and magical republican health care replacement commercials. Fuck them for accepting the money.


Trump is bad, but not change-how-time-and-space work bad.


Make sure to send a letter explaining your decision.


[quote=“ActionAbe, post:11, topic:94063, full:true”]
Trump is bad, but not change-how-time-and-space work bad.[/quote]

Funny, I wonder what this British police box is doing in Washington?


Meh, I wouldn’t call it terrifying. Sad.


One of the Doctors has finally decided to intervene?

I’m totally okay with that…


You know how Target knows if you’re pregnant before you do from your purchasing patterns? Maybe Hulu is trying to tell you something.

(I’m teasing. You’re not pregnant.)


I hope it’s the 10th doctor … he would go all fire and brimstone on this administration.

I’m really starting to think Trump is a Slitheen.


Flatulent lizards in ill fitting suits… yup Sllitheen


Doesn’t Trump look tired?


It doesn’t need to mean that at all.
I think it’s just about screwing his ‘enemies.’