A Trump-supporting super PAC is running this terrifying campaign-style ad

That’s rather flimsy in the way of ‘proof’; as he’s looked like pure-D shit for the last few decades, at least.


Well, since Trump filed to run in 2020 just hours after being sworn in, I guess it makes sense that we’d be seeing campaign ads already. If we’re going to get four years of this, someone should really start enforcing those campaign finance laws Trump violated the hell out of during this last election.

Not necessarily. By running, Trump has essentially created a semi-legal (at worst he’d only be violating those unenforced campaign finance laws) means of channeling bribes to him. Also, non-profits now have to be very careful in criticizing him, as that would be election-related speech. So there’s all sorts of benefits for him, right now, especially if he’s willing to violate laws and his opponents aren’t.


I read that as alt fire.


Whew! Not pregnant. XY here so that would have been an issue.

Watching Hulu via a streaming box with no PC in the mix and no browsing on the TV. I live in an urban and very blue zip code so all I can think of is that they are just trying to piss off us liberals in the area for spite.

Tin Foil Hat says Dump super pacs and their ad agencies are mining data for no good!


He’s also established a basis for suing any nonprofit that criticizes him in any way, because he’s a candidate.


Post has been deleted. (By whom, I wonder?)

It’s a reference from the show. Sort of a parting shot as The Doctor leaves, having saved the world yet again.


We like to refer to that as “Alternate Fire”

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I like to go with my son’s recommendation, “zipperheads”.

Actually, now that I type that out I realize that it’s really just a slur. I should have a talk with him when I get home.

edit after reflection

OH NO! I had forgotten that term was already in existence. I really really hope he didn’t share it with anybody at school. It came out quite innocently.


The realities of time and space are irrelevant to an administration that is working to gut science.


I gave it a ring and let them talk to Lenny for a bit. After a minute he got wise, but it still entertained me.


wow. you win. do you have lead walls

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Seriously, tho. If nobody can put up a primary source, can you at least describe the extremely highly interesting thing you’re all talking about that none of us can view?


Hmm, my cursory googling failed to find any links to the video (which is probably for the best) but this Time.com post suggests that the PAC asking for money really doesn’t have anything to do with, and may not even support, Turmp himself. They’re just some assholes who want money, and have a good idea where they might find some rubes dumb enough to give it to them.

On a related note, due to reasons, I periodically scan through the “cosmic background spam” sent to non-existent addresses at my domain. That’s the bowels of the spam industry (yes it has bowels), not targeted or even sent to real addresses, but just sharted out in the faint hope someone will see it. Typical themes are diabetes, ED, cancer, electricity bills – it’s depressingly clear who the targets are. And I wonder if you can guess what one keyword has rocketed to the top of that list in the last six months?


Why do Trumpocrats decry the media when the media handed them a hollow victory?



“terrifying”? Am I numb or has the meaning of the word changed? It sounds like the typical hyperbole filled political solicitation I have heard before. About 4 years ago I got Robocalled for an Obama donation that had a similar “send us money to fight the bad guys” rhetoric. They all do it.

Prove it.

I never got a call from an Obama PAC asking me to pay for the POTUS…

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It was asking for a campaign donation during the election.

Is the terrifying part that it is a PAC asking for money now? Do PACs not raise money in the “off season”? I don’t know, I am asking.

Okay, so, that’s different. POTUS should be sans Party. He’s in office. Now, he needs to represent ALL Americans, not his base alone, and remember, he lost the popular vote, fairly.

A PAC asking for money to defend a POTUS in office is scary shit, imo. He’s already defended from most prosecution via his office, so ask why he needs more defending. What’s next?

AND, instead of spending money, go out and ask questions, share your opinion from your own mind, and please, please, please don’t let others think and speak for you. It’s the 21st Century; you can speak for yourself.


P.S. Speaking in front of others gets easier the more you do it. Good luck.

Well - yes and no. Politicians are ALWAYS soliciting for campaign money. Maybe not the President so much, but Congressmen and women spend a considerable amount of time getting money not just for them - but their party.

They aren’t LITERALLY defending him. They are donating to the PAC and party cause for political ads and probably a conference in Vegas. I dunno. Considering how politically charged everything is, if they can rile people up into giving them money, they will do it.

I am fairly sure there are left wing groups soliciting money to fight Trump as we speak. This is all pretty much politics as usual.

No one wants to go outside. You have to put on pants and Matlocks coming on soon.