Infinite Trump


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Needs more DeepDream.


Super, j’ai encore plus envie d’utiliser un onagre sur lui.



Pehaps a few angry birds would jazz it up a bit?



Huh. So that’s the sound of a boot stamping on a human face.


No, you’ll get to hear that at the RNC, literally.


And I made an actually-infinite perfect-looping Trump GIF for you

For me? You know, you really shouldn’t have.


Too much free time; Rob clearly haz it.



Well, that’s one hour, twenty five minutes and seven seconds of my life I’ll never get back…



Makes me wax nostalgic for Laura “Crazy Eyes” Bush.


What color is that flag? Red and white, or light blue and brown?


Americans need to see this:

It’s the experience of a black man offering “free hugs” to those at a Trump rally versus later going to a Bernie rally.

Warning: This may make you cry.

Get on the right side of history, folks. If you can get out to a Bernie Sanders rally, do it. It may be one of your life regrets if you miss this historic opportunity.


Paid time!


I saw that edit.


Hey, if someone actually paid to you loop an hour and half of a 3 second clip of the epitome of bombastic obtuseness, then more power to you, bro.

I just think it would be nice to see a wider variety of content from the staff, than what I have witnessed thus far in my short (and no doubt unworthy) time here.

Plus, I was bored, so I decided to make a joke to amuse myself.

Trump slowed 50%

Not just Americans, yo; even though it’s our election that’s center stage right now.

That’s a message the whole world needs to realize;

Otherwise, eventually we’re all proper fucked.


Is my brain broken, or is he asking over and over, “Is he dead?”

Also - why is the time 1:25:07? Just sort of a weird number.

  1. “eh, he did?”, then reversed

  2. the length of the clip (about 2 seconds) cut and pasted, then select-alled, then pasted, and so on, for as many times as it took to hit feature length.