Hugely successful Facebook fake news author considers himself a "satirist"


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Weird download "swiphy20141103.swf" when scrolling bbs

I wonder if he’s actually convinced himself that writing fake news that reinforces the prejudices of Trump supporters is satire, when it clearly isn’t, or that’s just something he says to seem like less of a hateful, selfish person who helped get Trump elected?


What an awful person.


Maybe the piece about the fake news writer is in itself fake news?


$3,500? That’s enough money to pay 70 people to show up to Trump’s announcement that he was running for president.


I dunno, seems legit - it’s on the Washingtan Porst, after all.


As project Veritas exposed they were the DNC that is
paying thugs to protest and disrupt Trump events! so its not fake!


I mean, he’s talking about specifically targeting conservatives because they’re less likely to fact check and more likely to believe his shit. I’m pretty sure that’s the opposite of what satire is.


Right, so if I write lies about minority populations, immigrants, political opponents etc., then publish those stories and get them highly shared, that makes me a satirist, not a propagandist? Got it.

If this person was really trolling conservatives, maybe he should have revealed his devious plan before the election.


" A lie can jet halfway around the world before the truth can get its tennis shoes on."
-Abraham Lincoln (January 16, 1860, right after the signing of The Emancipation Proclamation)


I get all my news from the Hall Street Journal.


That’s some pretty slick satire right there. You’ve got the tone and writing style of a Trumpster down pat.


If you’re living in America, sir, speak English. We can barely understand what you said there.


One analysis of E-mail lists suggests the same thinking was used in fundraising.


There’s this strange idea in our culture that says whatever is on the internet is true.


Actually, it still is fake. At best the videos showed someone working for a PAC (not the DNC) considering the idea of paying protesters to disrupt Trump rallies, after incessant pestering and prompting by O’Keefe’s worm.

There isn’t a shred of evidence to show someone was actually paid to do anything.


Douche Party 2018!


I think he is confusing satirist and parasite.


I still don’t know that he considers himself a satirist, just that he says so. But then, he’s well-known to be a liar.


I can write the craziest thing about Trump, and people will believe it. I wrote a lot of crazy anti-Muslim stuff — like about Trump wanting to put badges on Muslims, or not allowing them in the airport, or making them stand in their own line — and people went along with it!

Trump has proposed banning Muslims from entering the country altogether, so of course people will believe “crazy anti-Muslim stuff” that doesn’t seem so extreme as his actual positions.