Paul Horner, Fake News Purveyor Who Claimed Credit For Trump's Win, Found Dead

Paul Horner, Fake News Purveyor Who Claimed Credit For Trump’s Win, Found Dead At 38

I find this incredibly sad, actually.


Horner’s fake news strikes me as an example of obtuse protest that went horribly awry. He says that he saw his own work as satire but I suspect by ‘work’ he meant not the fake news itself but its results.

He proved his point once and that was enough. I don’t understand what compelled him to prove it over and over again, to deleterious effect.

Sounds like he learned, far too late, that all the world stops being a stage when events start mimicking satire to the point where Onion editors and writers are throwing their pens and laptops against the wall.

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I find it incredibly sad that one particular other person was not found dead, or at least permanently incapacitated.


This remark by Horner (and the fact that, generally, Trump was not expected to win) seems to indicate that up to the day of the election, he did not think that his fake news was causing harm: “In an interview with the Post after the 2016 election Horner said, “I think Trump is in the White House because of me.”

As to why he did what he did (even if he did believe his fake news was deleterious) there’s this: “I hate Trump,” he said. But he targeted conservatives with his stories because he found it was more profitable.

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