Trump's presidential hires and advisors own a hell of a lot of fake news sites


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So what you are saying is Trump won the election on a flood of false propaganda news published by people to whom he will now give jobs in his administration?

Connect the dots, class action suit, Supreme Court - in that order.


…while the Truth is still putting on its boots.


Trump’s presidential hires and advisors own a hell of a lot of fake news sites


Relevant, from Adam Curtis’s “Hypernormalisation”:


OK, I’ll bite. What’s the Willie Horton lie?


The lie central to the Willie Horton ad was that Dukakis was OK with letting scary hulking African-American convicts in and out of prison to rape and kill. Bush the Elder’s campaign manager Lee Atwater* made the goal clear: “By the time we’re finished, they’re going to wonder whether Willie Horton is Dukakis’ running mate.”

[* virtuoso of the racist dog whistle]


Also, that criminality was a cultural and really “genetic” problem of the black community and hence we need a harder line on “urban” crime. it was an incredibly racist, dog whistle of an ad. And that the democrats were “soft” on crime, more generally, than the GOP, who would “clean up the streets.”


Truth needs a Power-Up.


Have we discussed propornot?

It comes in convenient plugin form.

The first page of reviews contains this gem.

The views the constitution as “content”.

It also views this sort of thing as content

By the way-- I needed a nicely formatted copy of the federalist papers. There are many to choose from if formatting/readability is not your concern. But when I’m researching Madison, I really don’t need chumboxes.


Breitbart News blends commentary and journalism with inflammatory headlines

Thank goodness we don’t ever have any of that around here.


Not even. The people who’s job it was to do real reporting were too busy giving Trump unlimited free airtime to ramp up their own ratings.


“My lies travel around the internet before fact checkers even notice them. The best lies. My lies are the best - huge.”
-Trump, 2016


The problem is not the fake news sites.
The problem is that 50% of the USA wants and prefers fake news.


Disinformation about a plugin combatting disinformation. Delicious!


When there are people who will gladly step into steaming hot acidic springs at Yellowstone because they believe it has “curative effects”, then I have no faith that explaining to any conservative why the “Clinton Body Count” is bogus will make one iota of difference to them. I already know their reply will have the phrase “drinking the Kool-Aid” in it somewhere.


It’s way more than 50%. Some of the things I see the left saying about Russia are ludicrous.


Isnt trump wanting to make the media easier to sue? Would that backfire on him and make it riskier to publish fake news?


That’s because when the left does fake news, it’s a comedy special.

When the right does fake news, they want to believe.


A lede buried here: why are Floyd Brown’s sites certified as real news sites by Facebook if they are known sources of fake news?