Trump could make the press great again, all they have to do is their jobs


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I’m not holding my breath. The advertisers hold the purse-strings, and they demand MORE TRUMP, because that means more eyeballs on our ad for antidepressants or cars or whatever.

To change that means to change the model by which news is made.

Closest thing to that these days is John Oliver, since his money is from viewers more directly.


I think Gillmore is overestimating the impact critical reporting would have on Trump’s appeal.

Journalists deal in facts, Trump doesn’t.


They use to. Now they just read random tweets about events. Reporting has gone the way of the dodo. The only people in the media dealing in facts anymore are comedians.


He’s our President Camacho! Teflon Don! Reagan’s ghost run through the chipper sprinkled with crazy spice and then ganked up to 11. Pass the Brawndo and get ready to go full retard Merikkkah!


Trump could make the ninja great again.


The role of the press is fascinating this time around, and both Trump lovers and haters are picking up on the media ramifications of his candidacy.

I really like the 2-minute clip of the MSNBC flub of a Trump KKK/racist/white supremacist bit:


The best thing I’ve done in the last two days was to install the Drumpf extension. Now I have no way of telling whether someone wrote Trump or Drumpf. Sadly, Facebook seems to ignore the extension. A real bummer.


I wish someone would straight out ask him if he thinks Hitler had any good ideas, and if so, what are they.

Am I right in remembering that it was said somewhere that he used to have Mein Kampf at his bedside? That could be a reporter’s starting point.


It was his ex-wife Ivana who said that, but yeah


“all they have to do is their jobs”

Good luck with that.

[note sarcasm]


Some times I think that Idiocracy is a documentary from the future.


There are still lots of very good reporters out there.

My point is that the quality of reporting doesn’t make a difference. With Trump, quantity of reporting seems to matter much more than the content of the stories. I would wager that if every news publication dedicated it’s top people to exposing Trump’s bullshit, it would make him more electable.


Maybe so. His supporters do seem to think that “the liberal lamestream gotcha media” is rigged against anything and everything republican.


Ain’t that the truth.


That’s some 30-Rock-style Vertical Integration


I get very frustrated with how badly “my side” performs when it comes to telling a story.

More facts aren’t going to sway Trump supporters. Doctorow pointing out the similarity between the Trump story and the climate change story is a perfect example. Every time I see another story about how a new study further cements the link between human activities and climate change I want to smash my head against the desk. More studies are great, but deniers aren’t holding out for a study with a better p-value.


so she lay between Mein Kampf and Mein Trump?


Up until The Donald may or may not have physically and sexually assaulted her, yeah


Maybe the press could report on the actual size and beauty of Donald’s hands?