President blames the "fake media" for Flynn's firing - Jake Tapper has a field day


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Is this “real news” (as opposed to The Daily Show, John Oliver, etc)? This was a really good explanatory piece and made a nice, simple and coherent point! I only expect quality this high from the funny news shows, lets hope this is a continuing trend!


So Trump is saying he knowingly fired Flynn over false allegations? How would that make any of this better?


Better? Because Trump is saying he knowingly fired Flynn over false allegations, but he is lying about it and we all know it. Thats way better.


I don’t think “Treated unfairly” is the same as “He didn’t do anything wrong” in Trump’s mind. Trump does things that are wrong constantly, but thinks that talking about it is unfair.


watching this i kept thinking “let’s see his tax returns”

that’s popping into my head more and more the last week or so - definitely with the Russia business, possibly other stuff, if there’s an investigation, the tax returns should come out - or there will be a leak

now that will be a field day


“It’s not a moral position if you only hold it when it applies to you.”


This is still “commentary” moreso than “news” but it is on a real news network and by a guy who really did study journalism.


Well, since this is on CNN, this logical argument about “real news” is ipso facto Fake News, so therefore la la la la la la la!


Good for him. I’ve been waiting for ages for someone to stand up to Tricky Jake Tapper!


‘Fake news’ is just a string of syllables that mean ‘thing people say is bad’. Just like the word ‘Nazi’. There isn’t any real understanding there, it’s like a parrot saying ‘Polly want a cracker’.

It’s like when Ted Cruz says ‘falsifiable’ and means ‘science thingy logic word’.

We are being ruled by Markov networks trained on cable news.

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

Remember when Jake dated Monica Lewinsky?


CNN is doing exactly what I hoped it would do when Trump decided to start a war with it… it is stepping up to the plate and occasionally doing some real journalism. Keep making the media your enemy, Trump… you are digging your own grave.


Yeh—let’s tell the 11 million victims of the Holocaust that “Nazi” is just a string of syllables (if only their ears weren’t ashes.) My grandparents made damn sure I had a real understanding of that string of syllables, so kindly keep it off your Markov Chain.


It’s not wrong until someone points out it’s wrong, apparently. (And thus the moral condemnation is reserved for the one who pointed it out.) Likewise, information - or a person - is “fake” purely by being disagreeable.
This isn’t even “doublethink,” it’s fucking insane.


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Seeing this piece and reading any of the daily lies and distortions that pass through that fools face only makes me more and more angry with the stupid population that smirked and grinned when they voted to destroy us from within. I can only hope that as trump continues to smear shit on the American people some of his followers may realize that this is not going to make America great again. There are more intelligent approaches to rehabilitation than wanton destruction and the looting of civility.


Tapper? He hardly knew 'er.


“The press / Obama made me do it”? Has anyone told this numptie that he’s POTUS?


Not only that, but he wants to fire/prosecute those who leaked this classified false information…