Every lie Trump has told as president, a very long list by the New York Times


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sadly i have educated coworkers who would look at a list like that, point to the new york times source and immediately say “fake news!”


The ability of people to convince themselves that a grifter who’s spent 30+ years in the public eye making false claims and promises is being unfairly treated is astounding.

Really, how long before a conservative shows up here saying that Dem Presidents have lied, too, therefore “double standard” by the NYT? Also accepted: a Libertarian “slyly” pointing out the same thing with the conclusion that “all politicians are eeevilll!”


Cliff Notes


Failing NY Times wasn’t even invited to some important briefings. The list is full of holes. Sad!


Why are so many people proud of their unwillingness to see the truth or to change their minds?

Look, I used to love Bill Cosby. An American icon and pioneer. Then I learned some not-so-good things about him. I don’t love him anymore.


Bush Jr never ever admitted any error or weakness, and his fans loved him for it. Stubbornly refusing to see what is obvious is a sign of strong faith.


Ah, it’s the Faith vs. Reason clash of cultures.


Catching Trump in a lie is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Catching him in a truth? Now there’s a challenge.

“Trump tells truth” is as headline-worthy as “Man bites dog.”

(Actually, I think one of the few times Trump was telling the truth when he said he wanted to “date” his daughter.)


You nailed it. A lot of the intelligent conservatives I know act the same way: admitting you were wrong is weakness. Winning is more important than being true to facts.


Yeah. I try to pretend I have their mindset when I read stuff like this (old debate team trick-- try to figure out what your opponents arguments will be), and it becomes very easy to shrug off quite a few of those lies.

All I can say it: it’s still early. The cumulative effect of four years of Trump BS, excuses, broken promises, plus the general escalating rudeness and violence of society will make many of his less devoted supporters question their votes. There will probably always be a good 20% of voters who would rather go down with the ship.


In politics, that’s what is known as being “a flip flopper.”



“I was for it before I was against it.”

Evidence of absorbing new information and refining your position? No, it’s evidence that you suck, loser!


The NYT list would make a great (and incredibly short) companion piece to one titled “The Wit & Wisdom of Donald Trump”.


Conan spotted Jeff Session’s tell. I’m pretty sure Trump’s tell is that he’s lying whenever his lips are moving.


I’ve had discussions with someone who will dismiss any complaints about Trump lying with “that’s just Trump’s usual exaggerations”. And then immediately afterwards start complaining about how all other politicians are liars.

Some people are just too invested in being “right” to actually consider reality…


In most of the “flip-flop” situations, however, the person will resolutely state that they never had the previous position. Trump does this all the time.

Actually refining your position tends to include some acknowledgement of why you previously held a different position and why you now think it was incorrect.


“Believe me.” Also, anybody else notice the weird L-R shuffle Trump does lately when he’s lying on Fox News?


It’s mostly grifters (of varying skill and competence) who have his back. That is about 1/3 of us, by the way.


Nah, most of that 1/3 are just his marks: the same suckers who’ve spent 35 years voting against their own self-interest again and again assuming they might win the great American lottery that will allow them to screw others over as thoroughly as they’ve been screwed.