In a weird way, Donald Trump is the most honest American president in history


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Truth is a 2edged sword. Hopefully it makes the rest of the nation reflect on the truth that the US is one nation among many and while we would like to have the moral high ground we have fallen far from it.


Being a shitty liar doesn’t make someone honest. It says there’s a huge problem regarding people who easily fall for shitty lies.


With much random sh!t that comes out of his mouth it is no surprise that some of it is true. And since the man operates with NO FILTERS, he is not bound by the idea that there are THINGS THAT WE DON"T SAY OUT LOUD.


He lies about petty things that are obviously and provably false, and is too stupid to lie about anything that exposes his flagrant corruption and ignorance.


He lies because he’s too stupid not to.
It works for him because there are people who like when he does it.
Which, fortunately for him, is as often as he is stupid,
Which is always.


Yeah, most American presidents get elected and immediately become something completely other than what they claimed they would be before the election.

Donald Trump, on the other claw, is pretty much just as advertised, and has changed very little if at all. Unfortunately.


Revealing is different than honest.


There’s a bit of a history about the far right having accurate observations about the moral bankruptcy of the liberal world order, but we should celebrate the honesty of people who want to change this, not those revel in it.


well so MANY “mosts” it’s hard to pick just one

most corrupt (can you be honest and be corrupt? sure, open corruption)

most freaking lazy, most vacation days, most golf days

most uneducated and ignorant

most TV watching by exponential amounts (more than most americans)


I think what we’ve learned is that politics is highly ritualized theater, and that as much as we complained about it before we didn’t actually want the actors to just be themselves.


This is utter claptrap. So if someone lies almost CONSTANTLY about issues large and small, but occasionally embeds nuggets of truth about open secrets within the constant stream of bullshit, that person is “the most honest”?

That… does not withstand even light scrutiny.


Nah he is just the first president who lacked impulse control.


Nonsense, and normalizing bullshit. His lies far far outweigh his moments on honesty. Also, his positions such as saying the US shouldn’t have gone into Iraq change from moment to moment depending on who he is talking to. You should be ashamed of yourself for reposting this garbage.


Yay, all is forgiven!

No, fuck that.



I don’t think he’s more truthful, he just talks more. If a regular president says 1000 things and lies half the time, but Trump says 10,000 things and tells the truth half the time would you say he’s more truthful? Hardly.

It’s my opinion that he lies far far more but i’d be interested to see someone break down the frequency/density of his lies vs truths. If you gave me hard evidence that he does indeed tell the truth more then i’d accept it but i have a hunch that’s not the case at all.


Especially not if ‘themselves’ are horrid piss poor excuses for human beings.


say what you will about him, he’s still the only president with a plan for global cooling…


And this is exactly why he’s viewed as honest. A normal politician would try to take a consistent position that we know isn’t sincere and proceed to tell different groups different things but we let them get away with it all the damn time as long as they can pretzel logic (which fools no one except those that want to be fooled) their way out of it . He’s viewed as more honest because his frequent mind changing is the off the cuff can’t be bothered to figure out something plausible variety, which is viewed as more honest than the well-plotted focus-grouped lie (the ritualized theater) that a normal politician would tell.