In private dealings, Trump lies constantly and without apparent purpose

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But each of those claims was independently verified by John Barron!


Boingboing was mentioned today.

The contempt Trump feels for supporters of the Second Amendment may seem out of step with the Republican platform he’s ostensibly running on. But it’s not at all inconsistent with who Trump is: a city slicker from Manhattan who has, over the years, held all kinds of liberal positions on issues such as abortion; universal health care; and, oh yeah, the assault weapons ban. In 1999, as seen in this amusing video posted by Boing Boing, Trump even said in an interview that “the Republicans are just too crazy right. What’s going on is just nuts.”


That may be true or it may not. You tell me.
All I know is I’m looking for a president who tells it like it is, without a filter.

— John Barron


It’s hard to understand why John Barron’s alter-ego, Meredith McIver, still has a job. She’s been dropping the ball for a decade+ now.


I’m having a hard time deciding between “relatively high-functioning flavor of some sort of nuts” and 'rejects your servile obeisance to ‘truth’ and ‘falsehood’ in favor of an epistemology of pure ego".

More crazy, or more sophomoric-Nietzscheian?


Oh god… prepare for some trolls?


Why would he stop now? It’s gotten him this far.*


  • Trump 2016!

In high school I knew a guy whom this description also fit perfectly. He would make wild and sometimes easily disprovable claims. Sometimes they were odd and innocuous–he’d describe a completely nonexistent scene from a recent TV show. Other times his stories could actually be harmful. He strung along a group of people for months with a claim of a cabin available for rent, only to have it suddenly become unavailable when they finalized their plans to go there.

He was a nice guy and I don’t think he ever meant any harm. I even believe he believed the stories he told. But it was exhausting trying to be his friend because of the constant stream of bullshit. The last time I saw him he told me about his wife and two daughters. I’m not sure they really exist.

I think about him because after school he really was able to get some good and well-paying jobs–which I could actually confirm. And a lot of people were patient with him.

Now I just imagine how much farther he’d have gone if he’d been born into an incredibly wealthy and well-connected family.


I know what the term actually means, but I can’t help picturing someone more like this:


I knew a guy like that in high school. I later worked with him. We called him Forest Gump, because of all the stories of famous people he’d had experiences with. Except … we found out all of his stories were true. He really was basically Forest Gump, except of above average intelligence. It was bizarre.


I knew a guy like this once too, and this type of personality is fascinating. I think you might be on to something, it’s almost like the Method acting approach to pathological lying. Like they know if they believe what they are saying it will be more convincing, so they ‘get in the role’ to the point where it just gets more comfortable to stay ‘in character’.


I worked with a guy like this…we just called him a liar.


I’m pretty sure that is how Dump sees himself. O maybe ermine instead of glitter.


But why does he point at his crotch when he says “titties?”


"routine and habitual fabulist,"



At this point, it’s incredibly clear he lies about everything, all the time. The video of Trump contradicting himself on policy issues was just the barest tip of the iceberg. It isn’t even just bullshit that promotes his businesses (something that he’s admitted to in the past) - it’s everything, even things that don’t seem to serve any sort of purpose. He’s previously claimed, for example, that his family was Swedish (they were German), for example. His recent tax proposal contradicted two previous statements about what his tax policy would be, and they contradicted each other (despite being said in the same interview). It seems beyond pathological lying - it’s like his whole cognitive process is this disjointed jumble of ideas, and every second he says whatever he thinks other people - or perhaps just himself - want to hear at that moment. And having said it, it’s “true.” Until the next second, when he says something different. I don’t know how anyone does business with the guy (though you’d be foolish to do so, given how often he screws over investors and business partners).

Cognitively, something ain’t right with that man.


He’s a bad liar? Define “bad”-- the guy has been getting away with it forever.

Seems to me he’s not a bad liar at all, he’s the best liar, and if he lies his way into the White House then perhaps the greatest liar ever.

“It takes two to lie-- one to lie, and one to listen.”


Wrong! He’s absolutely The BEST at it! There goes the lying media again.