Either Donald Trump committed perjury or lied, "no third option," Eichenwald reports in Newsweek

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There is an obvious third option that I can’t believe they missed.

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There are Felonies punishable by major jail time (like a kid with a gram of Cannabis) and those like politicians, elected officials and Banksters lying under oath which have a penalty of “Meh”


I don’t see these as being completely mutually exclusive. It looks like in the deposition that he almost realizes that he’s about to be trapped in an outright admission of trying to buy influence. He’s bragging about how much money he raised, then when basically pressed to say directly, he asked for favors in exchange for money, he dodges a bit, and blames the guy he’s suing.


I don’t get the big deal here, he lied continuously and provably all during the debates, and the faithful simply don’t care. Facts have no place in this here campaign. Even ‘truthiness’ seems too high a bar.


I was going to complain about the lack of context for what this is even about, but then I realized the fact that this could be referring to any number of things is kind of the problem.


It just shows that Trump won’t kow-tow to “political” or “factual correctness.”


It’s another in a long list of stuff he’s fabricated out of air, but it’s arguably useful for AGs going after him for pay-to-play campaign contributions, among other evidence that points directly to his lack of ethics or integrity.


I am reminded of when Karl Rove spoke contemptuously of the “reality based community.” Trump doesn’t care that he’s caught in a lie, and Trump’s supporters don’t care that he’s caught in a lie.

While it is important that we have a presidential candidate from a major party who is such a frequent and brazen liar, it is important in an academic sense. Repeatedly pointing it out isn’t going to do anything to move the political needle. Political coverage needs to find a new angle that has some hope of causing change.


Trump both did and did not attempt to bribe Jeb.*


  • Trump/Schrödinger 2016!

Would it really be feasible for the feds to step in and say, “Sir, you will not be campaigning today, because you are being charged with a felony and will be held without bail until at least December” ?

I would at least settle for the Democratic campaign being able to say, “This man is a known felon, look, we made copies of the official papers, we will not stop waving these papers at you, look at the papers.”

But if neither of those things is going to happen, I wouldn’t call it a “bombshell”. More like something of a “wet, ■■■■■, thump”.


It is simply amazing what some people can get away with these days. Dirty, filthy cracks in our society are getting wider and deeper. Putin surely must masturbate himself to sleep after reading reports of our downward spiral.

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I like this turn of phrase…


Trump also died for our sins, and rose again; which means he cannot be found guilty of stuff he did before he died, even if he got better, so there.

Let ye who is without stones, etc…


This is truly pathetic. There are so many big reasons why Trump shouldn’t ever be president. Surely if you’re gonna to bring him down, you must have something more substantial than some inconsistency over whether he did or didn’t want to build a casino in Florida…

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I think the idea is that his other fibs aren’t protected by law. What is being talking about here is perjury, which, as the article points out:

In their impeachment of President Bill Clinton for lying under oath about an extramarital affair, Republicans established the standard that failing to tell the truth while testifying—even in the most understandable of circumstances—rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors.


Donal Trump? Lie? Unpossible!


This article will certainly have a major effect on the 6 or 7 remaining Newsweek subscribers.


You forgot Directors of the NSA.

/and Poland, of course.

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His supporters don’t mind if he lies to them. If you press and ask, they’re pretty sure the Mexico wall won’t actually get built and be paid for by Mexico, they just like that he’s made it an issue.

We’re in a Chavizmo type thing here, facts don’t matter and even though they know he’s lying they think he’s doing it for ‘good reasons, the best reasons.’