Colbert on Alex Jones: "This is why you don’t mix steroids with peyote"


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Without watching the video:

Does mixing steroids with peyote make one want to beat the shit out of racist stereotypes who only exist to help you with your “spirit quest”?


When you find your spirit animal, it’s buff frog


Colbert has been on fire recently. He is not pulling punches.


Get over here, you.


It’s so sad, Alex Jones used to be so cool. Sneaking into Bohemian Grove and shooting video of the owl during a ceremony? That was cool Alex Jones. And then he had to get all co-opted by The Octopus. Sad! Remember him in the movie Slacker? sigh


Just in case anyone thought there was some shred of human decency in Trump, this and Brannon’s speech this week will wake you up hard.


Nah, he was crazy then too. He saw Bohemian Grove through his demon-haunted world, and couldn’t see that it started as a lefty proto-new age event, the Burning Man of its day.


I don’t disagree, although super richie burning man to be sure. Power elite summer camp? In any case, I would still say he was less willing to eat up GOP dick by the footfull, back in the day.


Jones would be great comedy if there weren’t so many people who think of him as a prophet instead of just being for profit.


You should have seen all of the comments defending Jones in the comments on that youtube page. The jokes went completely straight over their tin foil hats


It’s too bad the real story about hormone disrupting plastics is getting swept up in his lunacy. BoingBoing has reported on the dangers of BPA before:


That was him tagging along with Jon Ronson; only Jones felt the need to skulk through the woods, while Ronson easily strolled through the front gate by acting as though he belonged.

IMHO, phenomena like Jones seem cool when they’re safely on the fringe and you feel insulated from them by virtue of their very extremity. The attention you give them allows them to move into the mainstream, and it’s only then that you feel their ugly side.


Reminds me of this:


No, because he was in Waking Life, not Slacker.


Mean Gene: “You sound like you’ve been hit over the head…”

Of course he’s been hit over the head, he’s a professional wrestler!




I don’t even know who “Alex Jones” is? Have a missed a core component of conservative craziness?