Dead Celebrity


That’s a serious loss. RIP.


yeah… not really. Off topic.


Not a celebrity, but a family member of a celebrity:




Oh! He literally just retired!



He was one of the best parts of the drive in on Wednesday. I knew he’d retired, but man.


I created the topic…I shouldn’t have a post flagged by mob rule.


I was going to comment on that at the time, now it’s flagged. What bullshit.


You asked, I answered… I didn’t flag it, though (at least I don’t think I did). I can’t speak for others.

Given that the thread has become a place for seriously sharing news of dead celebrities, I find the post to be a little off topic, but YMMV, I guess.



She died 3 years ago; or am I missing something?


I though this thread was for recent deaths…

And yes, it would be excellent if she were around these days.


@null and @milliefink

That’s so weird. I saw a head line last night in passing about her death. I assumed it had just happened.


It was on May 28th, so perhaps a story for the anniversary.


That makes sense. To be fair I thought today was Wednesday and have a hard time recalling what I wore yesterday. Time and memory is all a big jumble.




Associate! Associate!