Dead Celebrity


For the punk-inclined, the drummer for Social Distortion (and the Plugz!) has died at the age of 56:




Wow…that’s really sad.




Winnie Mandela has died, aged 81. Source: Wikipedia




What the hell is going on with your footballers, UK? They’re dying at an alarming rate.


Ray Wilkins was a smoker and had a history of alcoholism.

I agree though, a lot of footballers are dying young from heart problems. I really don’t know why FIFA aren’t looking into it. Maybe they haven’t worked out how to use corruption to benefit from it yet.


He said some really stupid things about the football sexual abuse scandal recently, but that doesn’t mean he deserved to die that young.


I had to watch that for a class, back in college (Radio-TV-Film major). We also dissected The Graduate enough times that I didn’t watch it again for 9 or 10 years afterward, and I don’t recall watching Notorious in the 28 years since then. It didn’t decrease my enjoyment of The Godfather but those fuckers took points off 'cause they thought I misspelled “Sollozzo.”


I was a big fan of Bernie Gunther. I’m sad that there won’t be any more stories.


I’d have expected this information to make it to the BB headlines:


Wal-Mart has:




Host of Coast to Coast AM.


Came here to post this. I don’t know if it is possible for anyone who hasn’t listened to the show to appreciate how amazing it was, as any description (correctly) makes it sound completely nuts.