Dead Celebrity


From the obit:

“Updike and Bellow hold their flashlights out into the world, reveal the world as it is now,” Mr. Roth once said. “I dig a hole and shine my flashlight into the hole.”


From NPR this morning: His 2004 novel, The Plot Against America — a counterfactual history which posits famed aviator and Nazi sympathizer Charles Lindbergh being elected president in 1940 — is widely viewed as foreshadowing the rise of Donald Trump.

And this…



Astronaut… and fine artist! My own personal fantasy.









Oh no! I really hate to hear that.


I am beside myself this morning. This hits so damn hard.


Wow. A terrible loss.



“After Anthony Bourdain and Sean Brock finish many, many, many rounds of drinks, they visit the best/only choice for late-night dining in Charleston, the Waffle House, an irony free zone where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts; where everybody regardless of race, creed color or degree of inebriation, is welcomed. Its warm yellow glow a beacon of hope and salvation, inviting the hungry the lost the seriously hammered all across the south to come inside.”

Hope he’s found his Waffle House.


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Anthony Bourdain’s narrative of triumph over addiction and personal redemption always gave me hope that through struggle we can remake ourselves. I’m gutted that his story has ended this way. For me, it’s a reminder that narrative isn’t identical to truth and that triumph has to be earned anew every day.


Of all the dumb ass shows on the food channels, his sucked the least. He had a way with words, like a common man’s poet. He will be missed.

I feel really bad for his young daughter. She’s around the same age as my son, and I just can’t imagine loosing a parent (particularly to suicide) at that age. Old enough to fully understand the permanence of death, but too young to understand the nuances of why someone might choose to take their own life.


I am seriously in total shock this morning. I have every one of his books. I read Kitchen Confidential so many times it began to fall apart.


Loved that book. Bourdain was the one chef/writer we all agreed on in the kitchen I worked in during my 20s. Missing him already.


Don’t want to be the one to break it to my wife.


Yeah, I’m hoping Mr. Kidd sees this on the news instead of me having to break it to him.