Dead Celebrity





(contains more clips, including card throwing)


I didn’t realize he was that young. That would have made him only 32 when he and Brando conspired to rape Maria Schneider in Last Tango









No tears being shed here.


The best I can say is I don’t hate him like Reagan or The Shrub…


Poppy Bush made Dick Cheney secretary of defense and together they initiated decades of stupid wars in the Middle East and Central Asia that have killed millions of people and cost trillions of dollars.

Trump is a bastard but he’s an amateur compared to the Bush crew.


The best I can say is that he only got one term. I drove four hours to vote against him in ‘88.


He came campaigning at my college in 92 and I was in line when he came glad-handing through the crowd. I shook his hand and still remember how I thought it was as hard as a bed slat–which I think is how Scout Finch described Calpurnia. He did not have a powerful grip but his hand was flat and tough–just a lot of practice holding out his hand to thousands of people a day must make for strong muscles. Not that I agreed with him, but he is probably the only republican president since Eisenhower who understood, believed in, and cared about the principles of his party, so in my mind he was at least had that going for him.



Well, fuck me.