Dead Kennedys' Jello Biafra interviewed during his 1987 obscenity trial

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Also recommended: the HR Giger documentary Dark Star.


Teens committing suicide because they listened to naughty rock music? Really? It happens for many reasons, but as the father of an ex-teen, I can’t imagine him saying, “Naughty rocker says to kill self… must… kill… self!”

I myself was exposed to Angry Samoans as a teen, and yet never poked my eyes out with a fork. I am a tower of iron will.


I’m on an obscenity trial right now.


Same old, same old.

nine police officers stormed into Biafra’s apartment in San Francisco and his record label’s offices, seizing copies of the album and demanding to know where Giger lived."

What a bunch of dopes.


Did you hear what happened to the jurisprudence fetishist?

He got off on a technicality.


It’s hard to remember how scary the Parents’ Music Resource Center, and some of Washington’s most relentless pearl clutchers, though that records they disapproved of were; now that murder simulator video games(insert example that is, ideally, at least 5 years past peak popularity) have been the moral panic for a number of years…

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Everything about this video is great — the earnestness of the reporter, and also just how coherent and cleaned-up Jello is. Heheh

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Jello Biafra, Frank Zappa, Dee Snider and even John Denver really threw themselves into the gears of the machine to take a stand against censorship. Artists of today really owe them a debt of gratitude because it cost some of them (Jello Biafra) dearly in terms of their careers and sales.


Long live our great founding fathers of rock n’ roll!

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Jessica Willis: Have you ever gotten shit from women for these Landscapes?
Giger: No, but Landscape XX was a little problem here in the States when the Dead Kennedys used it inside their album. They thought it was a photograph. When they found out it was an airbrush and that I had an Oscar they stopped giving me trouble. But I don’t do much like this…it’s ugly."


Zappa wrote a wonderful argument in the L.A. Weekly wherein he correctly predicted that the PARENTAL ADVISORY label would serve no useful purpose other than to attract younger fans and become a marketing tool for the record companies.

Side pun, for the movie Fargo:


Well, thankfully, nobody gives a shit about album art anymore, unless it refuses to adhere to a song on your phone. Zappa is dead, and Tipper is safe now.

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