Dead WalMart reborn as library




Yes. Turn Walmarts into libraries. Who woulda thunk it? Very nice. Great that they have “acoustically isolated” rooms for teens. Back in my day, my buddies and I were asked to remove ourselves to the “soundproof room”. I guess some things don’t change. :smiley:


Nice to see Texas do something right for a change.


Like like like! More libraries are always a good thing.

Our main library put in a teen room in the basement. Very 70’s, odd carpeted shapes; I still like that style. It actually made a good performance space too, for theater-in-the-simple-closed-curve…


Some things are just so beautiful as to make you cry.


Now turn every Starbucks into an anarchist infoshop.


Compared to Walmart, Starbucks is a magnanimous ruler showering its subjects in gold.

This story begs the question though, how does one kill a Walmart?


From what I’ve gathered: by not giving it tax breaks.


Starvation. But, like the headless cockroach, it takes a while.


Wouldn’t it be positive to fill the country with libraries, large community centers, gymnasiums and the like?
In the process, you’d would be excising a malignant tumor. One can dream…


Why are the architects not credited by BoingBoing - as any other work would be?


Vorpal sword would probably do the trick.


Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle

The journalism here is sometimes in keeping with the maker DIY approach. This one’s on me, but next is all you.
Edit: You did have a good point, but no reason for you to not credit them.


This is crap. Don’t you read your own site?


People sometimes get busy and miss a story, including Cory. Everyone else commenting on it was curious enough to read, and either didn’t read or remember it earlier. I’m not sure why repeating a story that bears repeating is a problem.


Due diligence.


Fill out the appropriate forms and the moderator will give you a refund.


You don’t think that the fact that a publisher posted the same story more than a year ago shoud be noted? Please.


So you’re suggesting every time a publication mentions a topic, they should cite all previous mentions? This would mean every time facets of Justin Beiber’s relationship with his monkey was explored, the newspaper would be filled with nothing but a list of citations. Every time Fox News mentions Obama being a Muslim, the site would crash. It’s not a science journal.


You are not making an argument.