San Diego's Mysterious Galaxy bookstore is saved!

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Great News!


Out of 5 “Storys” in a row, why is this the only one that is not and advert has boingboing sold out to big advert? I under stand you need to make money but when you content is 1 news item to 4, 40% of self scanning note book adverts, 20% content is not a grate look…

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Yay! Looking at google maps the location doesn’t look too difficult to get to. It’s a block or so south of In-n-Out, just south of the Goodwill. If coming from the 5-South or 8 freeways on Rosecrans, you’ll need to make a u-turn at Midway to get into the shopping center.

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It’s the weekend, and it’s the holiday season. There are few articles on Boing Boing posted during weekends, so the seasonally automated shilling of “buy this product from the Boing Boing store” stuff overwhelms. This, too, shall pass.



This is good news! The location is within easy access to two freeways as well as public transportation. I assume they are going in to the outbuilding that was a clothing store?

One thing that I hope will change is that they are open later in the evenings.

When I was little, I desperately wanted to learn to read. I’ve been told that I came home absolutely fuirous from my first day at kindergarden, vowing never to go back because they weren’t going to teach reading that year. My first novel was a Nancy Drew book, simply because it was the only thing I could get my wee little hands on. I tried to tackle Moby Dick in 3rd grade (it didn’t go well, although just why it was in the elementary school library is still a bit of a mystery). I DID memorize The Raven around then. I was hard at work on that task when everybody return, stunnned, dazed, even in tears from assembly (I was special) becasue Kennedy had been shot. Access to books was (and still is) vital to me and book stores and esp. libraries are havens. It is nice to see even one book store saved.


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