Denver's legendary Tattered Cover bookstore "breaks up" with Audible

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Is there a Libro for e-readers that has the same ethics? I love my e-reader and refuse to buy for amazon e-books so I uhhhh find the titles elsewhere. I’d love to support the authors directly (stick a donate button on your website, FFS) but short of that a DRM free online retailer where I can download then copy to the e-reader would be great!

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" Do they even read audiobooks?"

Isn’t that just called a book?*

*Sorry for being a pedant, but i had to.

Shame it’s US and Canada only so I can’t use it.

I shoplifted a Penthouse magazine from The Tattered Cover in 1994 when I was a freshman in high school. Sorry, guys. I asked my wife out on our first date after seeing her outside the Cherry Creek store in 2006. It’s a wonderful Denver institution and I haven’t seen it’s equal in any of the east coast cities I’ve lived in since. Good shit.

Out of curiosity, where do folks find time to listen to audiobooks? Commute? Exercise?

Long road trips for me.

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