Start listening to audiobooks with 60 days of free Audible


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Oh wow, 60 days will totally let me figure out whether I like it compared with the standard 30 days.



Also, Audible is heavily DRM’d. I’m sure that’s totally within the spirit of BoingBoing. DRM FOR EVERYONE!


I had an Audible “free trial” previously. Terminating it required half an hour’s worth of fighting with their system and clicking “yes, I really want you to fuck off” on about thirty different webpages.


Heh. Did everyone have to physically fight Cory and then delete his numerous anti-audible rants for this promotion to be possible? I like audible, actually, but am surprised to see it here, of all places.


From his rhetoric, I’d expect Cory’s on smack right now and doesn’t give a fuck about anything.


It’s like Trumps line of reasoning: If you do it to get money it’s ok. More money = more ok.


they had it posted while he was waiting to post the next “Things Trump lied About on _______” post


Librevox, free public domian audiobooks.


Which is great and all, but is overhwelmingly comprised of older works. I would love to find an alternative for more recent releases. Alas, Audible seems to be a monopoly or nearly so.


Unfortunately true. Cory posted this last year:


Audible is marketing itself as a sort of Netflix for audiobooks, while in actuality they’re a DRM’d audiobook store where you can sign a deal to get a few bucks off of an audiobook each month if you agree to buy at least one audiobook a month. Not a great deal if you ask me.

They have good apps, they have good choice, but I’m not looking to buy DRM’d audiobooks.


I didn’t see the Downour post at the time, so thank you for the heads-up. I’ll probably grab a few from them as well. But yeah, the selection gap is… significant. For instance, Downpour’s Fantastic Fiction/Fantasy and Fantastic Fiction/SF listings combined are just about 3,000 titles. Audible’s Science Fiction and Fantasy section is about just shy of 23,000 titles.

That said, it was gratifying to see some books on Downpour that I purchased through Audible; from now I’ll be checking the options there first and not assuming I’m stuck with Audible.


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