Choose "Cage-Free" audiobooks

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What’s wrong with Cage? He’s a national treasure.


Perhaps not as “cage free” as you led me to believe:

“You appear to be accessing the site from outside the United States or Canada. Please note that a USA/Canada credit card is required to purchase a membership.”


I’ll be real: Audible basically nailed the whole ‘ease of use / good app / good price’ points for me to the point where it being DRM-free didn’t matter as much, since I rarely re-listen to audiobooks.

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Does this mean that there are “Free Range” audiobooks that may or may not be better?


Only if they don’t contain GMO’s.

Except when I’ve finished a good audiobook and want to give it to my brother or my mom, just like I would a dead tree version.

Right now I can do that only by getting a torrent or usenet copy, or visiting pirate ebook sites which might have the side effect of causing Audible to lose some sales in other ways.

You beat me to the obvious, おめでとうございます!

Oh I get it. Audible is just too good of a package for me. I’m rather happy to just share my account info with my wife and call it good.

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