Deaf couple say Delta agent "refused to communicate" with them, kicked them off flight

Wow, check out your low of opinion of this forum, of which you’ve been a member since 2016.


“The story that’s true” is the one that can be verified with camera footage from the airport; last I checked, Detroit Metro has cameras all over.


Don’t fly Delta. I’m not going to fly Delta. Screw them. My Delta suffer bankruptcy and liquidation. Delta can join PanAm.

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Pay no mind to what he says, he’s justsomeguy.



After being fired from Delta Airlines for being an asshole, the agent went on to find success in advertising:


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Marginalised people are assholes less often than the privileged, both because they feel more vulnerable and because they usually have experience of being made to suffer for their marginal status.

And your implied syllogism is also clearly false, for all that it’s deniable on your part. The introduction of uncertainty doesn’t suddenly swing the outcome of testing from false to true or vice versa, all it can do is weight the outcome somewhat towards one probability or the other.

In a world inhabited by macrocephalic apes that often do abuse their tiny authority to abuse those perceived as lower down the pecking order than them, and who have commonly not been adequately trained by the vast inhuman intelligences that employ them to deal with other excitable macrocephalic apes because the vast inhuman artificial stupidities don’t understand the problem, it not being readily expressible in the dollars that form their nutrition; and in a world where we all experience this lack of care in customer service often; and where, anecdotally, airlines seem to be one of the worst offenders — there is actually a reason why this kind of story makes one angry, and it’s not just macrocephalic apes lining up to sling poo at today’s designated fall guy.


Syllogism isn’t a tool this ape has evolved to use properly yet so I’ll try to clarify my thoughts.
From one primate to another (I’m with you on that) there are two different stories being told here that neither of us witnessed.
What actually happened is likely somewhere in the middle. The story is more engaging because one party has a disability and the other is backed by the corporation. This tells many fellow monkeys everything they need to know to take a position. It’s lazy.

My lament is the lack of subtlety in favor of hyperbole. That’s all.

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What hyperbole? Couple registered for seating together. Did not receive. Common, but shitty.
When they asked for an explanation or possible reassignment, they were ignored by the gate agent, treated with disrespect when they tried to communicate with her, and cut off after a one sentence note. When they tried to re-establish dialogue, she kicked them off the flight with no warning. Finally, the airline did not reimburse them for their missed flight but lied that they did for PR.
This is a shitty thing to do, no hyperbole necessary.


Q.E.D. None indeed.

Another issue here is likely that for a certain class of tickets Delta does not assign seating until the passenger is at the gate–you have to pay extra to get assigned seats.

I’ve flown Delta a bunch several times in the past year for work and just bit the bullet and paid the extra money. I strongly suspect passengers without assigned seating are the first to get booted off the plane when they overbook. That would have been a disaster on these particular trips.

Shit like this is why I don’t fly as often as I could.

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It was a rhetorical question. I already knew who you didn’t believe.

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Doesn’t Delta have the system where they ask you when you book how much they would have to pay you to give up your seat if the flight is overbooked?

I don’t remember that, but it might be an option I didn’t use.

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