Delta Airlines kicks man off plane for urgent need to use the restroom before takeoff


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Let us see if Delta Airlines, can learn from the mistakes of United.

Let’s have a genuine apology, a generous compensation to “Nice Gentleman” and an honest review/revision of policies relating to these circumstances.

Either that, or fuck Delta.


I would have been tempted to say okay but then you and the captain are going to have to deal with a piss stained seat, your choice.


Why even fly?
You pay to be abused at the airport.
You pay to be abused by your airline.
You are molested,treated like shit and you might not get your belonging back.

What the hell is wrong with people.


You cant come up with a single reason people fly?


I avoid flying like the plague. It truly has lost its luster.


This is what happens when the FTC and DOJ allow constant mergers between competing companies. 5 airlines control like 90% of the market. On smaller routes, there is usually only one (two if your lucky) airline.

Boycotts don’t mean shit without competition. I assume we’re all boycotting United already. Now we have to boycott Delta. Only three more to go…


This is why we have discretion. But discretion needs to have some level of consistency.

If it were official policy that you can pee if it’s bad enough, people would be abusing it.

If policy is no peeing, someone gets up, you make an announcement that tries to embarrass people into sitting down, and if someone still insists, you can infer that it really is an emergency, and let them alone. Or that they are really hardcore jerks, but there aren’t enough of those to overwhelm the system. This is basically what I see on 99% of flights, and it works.

When I’ve been on flights where they are getting all persnickety about the seatbelt light being on, I always wonder, would they rather people pissed and shit themselves? Really?


DELTA: Don’t Ever Leave The Airport


But… but… don’t you get it? Terrorists could be making bombs in the airplane toilet!

What, what security theater? Life is exactly like a poorly-written episode of 24!


Who are these fucking fucks? Or… just who the fuck do these fucking fucks think they fucking are?

It’s more important to them to shame a (nonaggressive) passenger than to get where they’re going as quickly as possible. Why return to the gate? Why unload everyone? Because they suck.


But very likely the only payers seen by the airlines are companies or travel agencies. They don’t need to go to the toilet.

Oh, but hang on - companies are people too, aren’t they?


Well, I did my bit.
Other than an emergency, Why fly today?

At what point do people just bend over and say "Screw it"
Ohh wait I know when.
At the airport.

While some are willing to give up personal rights for convenience of getting there quicker, I would not be one of those willing to. Being giving a prostate exam or molesting my better-half cos she has a pad on is just to far.


It’s faster and safer than any other method still? I live in California, this summer I want to go to a conference in NYC. If I couldn’t fly I couldn’t possibly get to that conference. It’s a minimum of a four day drive one way, and a train is going to be about the same time frame (even then I’d have to take two trains to get there, California Zephyr and the Cardinal, totaling over 77 hours just on the train alone, there’ll be definitely time waiting at the station between the two as I’m sure they aren’t in sync). I don’t particularly want to take twice the time I’m staying in NYC in travel time.

It’s not just a matter of getting there quicker, it’s a matter of a lot of cases of being able to get somewhere at all.

The solution is not to just say you’re not going to fly, because that just won’t change anything. All that gets you is limited range of mobility, and the airlines are going to continue being shit. What needs to be done is to bring awareness and fight it. Embarrassing the companies has been doing some good lately, and it’s pressuring lawmakers to do something about it. This process isn’t great, and it isn’t fast but it’s working right now.

  • Because there are many places you can’t plausibly visit without boarding an airplane?
  • Because most people can’t take an extra two weeks off for driving if they want to visit a relative who lives on the other side of the country?
  • Because many people have jobs that require travel?
  • Because people do have emergencies?

Saying “this is all the fault of passengers for choosing to fly even though airlines treat us like crap” smacks of victim-blaming.



When I was traveling frequently for work, I had to travel thousands of miles at a time, all within the US. I was living in Ohio, and there is fuck all in Ohio, so if I wanted to go on client visits or to academic conferences, had to travel, usually to the coasts. Although I was on 25-50% percent travel, trips were often back to back, so I would often have to fly from one coast to the other without stopping home first.

Basically, the distance of the trips, combined with the frequency, meant that I had to fly. It was too far for me to drive, and I couldn’t take the train and take three fucking days getting there and three fucking days getting back. Even if I could work from the train or whatever, the scheduling was never entirely up to me.

While flying was never technically mandatory for me, it made things a hell of a lot more convenient.


I hate flying, mostly it’s going through the airport that stresses me out the most. Will there be a huge line in security? Will they randomly decide to harass me because of the way i look? Will my flight get delayed? Will they lose my baggage if i’m forced to check it in? etc, etc.

Never had any issues once on the plane but with all these cases coming up lately i’m less enthused over the idea of flying.


Exactly this. I felt there was something wrong with the “don’t fly because the airlines/TSA do things that are bad” argument, but never could put my finger on it. It definitely is victim blaming and it gets us nowhere to do so.

For me it’s pretty much mandatory, if I want to see my family I must fly. I can’t do the long drive back to my parents’ house. I shouldn’t be lambasted because I want to be able to see them. Access to flying has been such a good thing for everyone in general, it’s allowed people to branch out to get better jobs and to experience other cultures and people. We shouldn’t just be fatalistic and say “because they are bad we shouldn’t use their services.”

Delta here is dropping the ball, they really should reprimand the flight crew, fix their policies, and compensate the passengers. At least AA’s recent halfway decent response to their flight crew incident they rebooked and upgraded the woman right away, gave an okay apology, and suspended the offending flight attendant pending investigation. Their response could have been better, but it was decent. The incident shouldn’t have happened, but any large company is going to have bad apples in their employ; and you can only do so much to get them out.


And your choice, continuing to pay them is the great choice?
And what are you going to do about the TSA? They’ll tell you to fark off.


You are willing to trade off. I’m not.
You worry about a TSA agent shoving his/her fingers up your ass. I won’t.


Pretty much what I meant by not technically mandatory. Nobody is forcing me onto the plane at gunpoint, it’s just ridiculously unfeasible to regularly travel across the country and not fly.

I take it you’ve never spoken at an academic conference? Or been chewed out by a customer for not bothering to show up in person?