United passenger was forced to urinate in plastic cup


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Why the hell are people still flying United?


Somebody’s gonna have to say it…sigh.

One girl, two cups.


WTF is it with airlines? It’s like Trump’s election ushered in an era of pure ego-centric lunacy and generally fuck-you attitudes…almost like a virus.


Clearly, the beatings and public urination are the in-flight entertainment.


The hits just keep coming! Even John Waters would be hard pressed to write a stranger storyline.

Rabbits, scorpions, wheelchairs as weapons, public urination and beatings…

WTF could possibly come next?


The hazmat team? Really? Was she radioactive? Perhaps storing industrial waste in her urine?

Does the hazmat team routinely clean the bathrooms in airplanes?


I think you’re on to something there…trump has brought out the worst in a lot of people. He has emboldened vulgar hateful behavior with his lying bully tactics which has given permission to a certain class of people to act out a follow the leader mentality. It needs to be addressed and resisted. when it infects a whole class of people as it seems to have with United’s workers it should be addressed from the company’s supervisors. Educate your employees companies or face the damage that comes with biting the hands that pay you. Scary shit…Lord of the Flies goes global


We have a choice. I choose NEVER to fly United ever again.


Good thing she didn’t get hit with an additional +100ml liquids charge.


I agree. I think people (even mildly sociopathic ones) used to self-censor more, due to peer pressure pushing them to behave in socially acceptable ways. But the run-up to and result of the recent election has shown these dumb-fucks it’s OK to behave in anti-social ways.

No doubt the fact that so many people have been left behind economically plays a role too.


LOL! Depends on whether it was from water bought before or after the security checkpoint.


Well, I think it was doody-free. :smirk:


Frequent flyer miles.




I bet my mom would have slapped me in front of all the passengers for that one.


Anything for a laugh I always say.



Hell, knowing United, I’m just glad some other unfortunate soul didn’t have to drink it.


‘Forced’ seems like a slighty strong word.