Spirit Airlines flight attendant films and shames desperate woman forced to urinate on floor

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that poor woman. i guess she didn’t know when she signed up to fly in a cattle car she would be treated like cattle. the flight attendant was a bully and deserves some form of discipline.


If they aren’t in a loyalty points alliance together already, Spirit and Ryanair would be a natural match (along with Aeroflot and a whole bunch of similar airlines).


Even cattle are allowed to pee when they need to.


Are they trying to compete with Wizz Air?


Why were the rest rooms locked for two hours?


technically getting up while on a taxiway can turn into a punishable offense. i would have headed to the lavatory and make the flight crew tell me to sit back down.


Stuck on the ground. Others have pointed out the doors aren’t even armed. Fundamentally, the crew having no respect for the fact that their cargo is humans.


I’ll be honest, I’ve never encountered any rude or unpleasant staff/flight attendants on ryanair. Maybe they just try to seem nice so that you’ll be more likely to buy the lottery tickets or the ‘duty free’ perfume and cosmetics.

It’s definitely a cheap, nickel-and-dime airline, with all manner of ways to upcharge you for anything (and if they could charge you for the bathroom, they would), and I try to avoid it if there’s a reasonable alternative… but I’ve never had a bad experience. I’ve had a worse time on, say, united, and the tickets there don’t start at 15€ each way.


Perhaps next to the drop down face masks should be an emergency Depends Diaper.

Or a bucket.

Brand name checks out. (New competitor coming soon to outdo them: “Dump Air”.)


…will always be number two!


Even when the seatbelt light is on, bathrooms should be unlocked. Only reason to lock an empty bathroom is if it is so bad that this is the best alternative.

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Every damn day we have people having to fight to be treated with some semblance of basic humanity.

I don’t know where this flight was heading, but a quality national rail system would be a big help. Flying is so much worse in many ways.
I get to fly United tomorrow. :grimacing:

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Flight attendant is a complete sociopath. If there’s one situation with which it is incredibly easy to empathize regardless of race, class, sex, age, etc., it’s having to pee really badly. Everyone’s been there, everyone knows what it’s like, everyone knows that after a certain point peeing is no longer optional. There’s absolutely no excuse for this sadism.


… I believe the answer is, “because fuck you”


The USDOT requires that the lavatory be made available during extended tarmac delays. You can use the lavatory when the jet is on the ground- but it is illegal for the pilot to take off while someone is in the lavatory.


I really don’t like the way the article frames it, as if it were an unruly unreasonable self-entitled asshole making a fuss over nothing, by including it alongside other such incidents. It’s almost as insulting and degrading as the flight attendant filming it.

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