Pee in cup, get a fine: airline passenger couldn't wait

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On the other news, soon Airplane companies will profit on diaper selling


I’m with the drunk on this one. They served the drinks, they need to provide a public bathroom. If the airlines makes the bathroom unavailable for too long, they have messed up.

The guy should get fined for spilling the urine on them.

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Should’ve had an empty water bottle with him, still would’ve been quite a questionable thing to do but at least it would’ve been harder to spill on someone.

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Get the right equipment for the job!


Withnail ended up teaching drama down under, how about it.

As the world’s biggest Withnail fan, I have to wonder how Danny’s device could possibly have helped in this situation. I mean, it’s all about smuggling pee in, not out …

I think TSA will look for you as Al-Qaeda if you pass through them with this

i am assuming the passenger was told to remain seated. what should he have done?

I know I’ve seen people fined (or fired) for refusing to pee in a cup. I really wish the authorities would make up their mind on this matter!


I absolutely refuse to fly these days, but I have had to pass through a metal detector. I let them know about my insulin pump, sensor, and infuser long before I’m making their equipment go “beep.”


Ah, a variation of “going Apollo”, I see!

Doesn’t take it far enough, recycle that urine.


IIRC, they do on the space station!

If dispensing liquid into a cup, or even the sound of liquid being dispensed into a cup, is disruptive to the point of being illegal, then every flight attendant who serves drinks is a criminal.

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Airplane drunks make fairly unsympathetic perps, so public sentiment isn’t too likely to be outraged; but I’m curious both how this rises to the level of a police matter(especially if done cautiously enough that there’s no indecent exposure to work with) and what the expected behavior is for people who just plain get caught out by unexpected delays; or who have greater or lesser degrees of medically validated incontinence.

Is wetting yourself and the seat non-disruptive because reasons? Are ad-hoc toilet solutions only disruptive if you are a drunk; rather than some more upstanding flavor of needing to go? Are the cops totally down for dragging someone with sacral spinal cord injuries off the plane for a bit of attitude adjustment?

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