Delta forced passenger to sit in feces: "sit in your seat or you can be left behind."


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Election Day.


Shh sir. Everyone will want to sit in shit.
Isn’t that a serious health hazard worth delaying the flight for? I do hope some flight attendants get some discipline over this.


I’m generally not a litigation minded person, but if there was ever something begging for a lawsuit…


Upon landing in Miami, the aircraft was taken out of service to be deep cleaned and further disinfected.

It’s not obvious they could’ve/should’ve done this before?


Airlines are corporations motivated by a single factor, profit and whatever effects profit. The jobsworth manager feared being punished if he allowed a flight delay, and he either didn’t consider the PR consequences, or believed he’d be less likely to be punished for them than for delaying the flight. Maybe he was right.

Airline employees should all be trained in asking themselves if what they’re doing or refusing to do is going to result in bad PR, and be empowered to make decisions on that basis.


What does it say that I don’t give a shit about Delta? I never have liked flying that shitty airline. I wish we could just wipe them out entirely and flush them right down the drain.


To avoid causing a commotion, the manager had someone clean that area with paper towels.



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The captain needs to answer for this. It is his/her job to ensure the plane is fit for service. I’m sure if THEY had a pilot’s seat filled with shit …well, I would check the flight recorder to see how that happened.



Easy to fix this, and every other problem.

Force the CEO, all the way down to the person who was supposed to clean it, to sit in a pile of shit for double the time.

I think that scraping up a big handful of it and smearing it on the person who said, “sit in it”, would be worth the hand wash.


It’s like house training a puppy :grin:


In heaven, there are no airlines.


Coming soon Delta Doo Doo DIY game for kids.


Well done with the poop emoji logo on the plane.

:poop: Delta


At this point I cannot understand why none of the airlines in the US has come forward and said, “hey we cost a few bucks more but we will treat you like a human being, why on earth would you fly with any other company.”


Sue… the shit out of them!


Might as well get used to this. If you don’t fly Delta, what’s the choice? United, where you can get beaten for not giving up your seat? The consolidation of the airline industry has reduced competition to the point where it’s almost as bad as with Internet Service Providers. You pretty much have to take the one available or do without.

What can we do about this? Not much. Already wealthy and powerful entities were allowed to become even more wealthy and powerful, to the point where they could buy their own regulation. Monopolies or effective monopolies can no longer be prevented, because they own the legislators who would do so.

Unless you’re willing to participate in some sort of bloody revolution – I’m not, and I don’t recommend it for you either – we’re stuck in the social equivalent of the poor schmuck who had to sit in feces on the plane. Except in our case, the feces is becoming deeper and more fetid by the day, and we’ll eventually die of drowning or infection.


But do you make a shit on Delta?