Ryanair says it "will not tolerate" in-flight racial abuse after tolerating it

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We were just discussing this in my house over breakfast. It’s ratger alarming that if this had been a black man on a United flight he’d have been beaten by security and dragged off the plane.

This man should be banned by all airlines.


Ryanair says it “will not tolerate” in-flight racial abuse after tolerating it

The headline may imply to some that Ryanair is doing something bizarre and out of character by allowing abuse of its passengers. But this is not a regular airline … it’s Ryanair. The real surprise is that Ryanair is now changing its policy.


From the guy’s expression, being called on his behavior is contrary to the natural laws in his private universe.



How much extra will you have to pay Ryanair to not have racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia during your flight?


I told my wife I would have sat next to him voluntarily. That would have been the most miserable flight he’s ever had.

Yes can I get a tomato juice please? OMG I’m so clumsy I spilled it all over you. My apologies.

I spit a lot when I eat. Sorry.

Oh am I man spreading in my seat. Oh I’m sorry.

is that a bee in the cabin whack swat whack with a magazine I’m sorry sir I thought it landed on you. I don’t want you to get stung.


No, sir, you are not alright.

From what went unbleeped, the bleeped parts must have been extreme.

Oh come now, Ryanair isn’t that bad. It’s just that basic human decency isn’t included in the ticket price.


Flew Ryanair once, never again. Even when it’s the only nonstop going where I need to go. Even at 1/4 the price of the next cheapest fare. No way.

ETA: Found a version of the vid with the sound actually working (just me? UK thing?). They totally should have ejected him. Probably didn’t want to have to refund his 10 quid airfare.


Ryanair says it “will not tolerate” in-flight racial abuse after tolerating it

A Ryanair official clarified, noting that official Ryanair policy is that only Ryanair gets to abuse its passengers. All others need to pay an additional fee.




I’ve been an advocate of pacifism in these threads, but this is a situation where you “punch a Nazi in the face.” Or, at the very least threaten to do so, to intimidate/shut his Nazi mouth for the remainder of the flight. (I was disheartened by the intervening male passenger being so overly polite-- clearly, this guy was only going to respond to counter-rudeness.)


Welp, customer is always right! :grin:

From the Guardian’s page:

‘The budget airline tweeted on Sunday that it had seen the footage and reported the incident to Essex police. It added: “As this is now a police matter, we cannot comment further.”’

Translation: We’re going to stay quiet and do nothing. After all it won’t be long before we’re vile to someone else and you’ll forget all about this outrage. Besides, you’ll keep flying with us because cheap beats ethics everytime you spineless feckers.’



That guy will have a long-lasting hangover if someone doxes him.

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You don’t think such a thing could happen to such a nice white man do you? Oops, autocorrect. Should have been racist old douchebag.

I’m starting to understand how much more carbon is emitted by airplanes than cars, per mile traveled. And somehow this kind of douchebaggery comes off as small potatoes.

A quick google suggests it is less fuel per passenger mile than solo driving, or maybe even less than driving an SUV with a family of 4. But perhaps more fuel per person than a fully laden bus? Traveling is what uses fuel, even more fuel efficient traveling. More miles equals more carbon regardless of the mode of travel. Even walking because you use more calories. Traveling is bad for the environment.

But I’m not really seeing an apples to oranges, or apples to widgets relationship between fuel economy and allowing racist harassment on a plane.


Per person?