Deal: 90% Off The Summer Mac Essentials Bundle

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I’m curious, in a general sense, of how people value these sorts of bundles-- with me, most of these bundles contain one compelling app that needs to justify the price on it’s own , maybe an ancillary utility or two that could maybe prove useful, and all the rest is “I don’t know how I could ever hope to use that”.


I don’t usually buy bundles, but use them the way I do any of the curated lists of someone’s “must have” apps – advertising and inspiration. I will usually buy the one app I want on its own, if any. I assume offering the bundle still serves a purpose in this case because it generated a sale where otherwise I would have never heard of the products offered. I started using the mac again after only using various versions of windows for 6 years… a lot has changed in that time, and I no longer have any sense of what the ‘good’ apps are, especially mac-specific tweaks and apple app replacements. [edits=missing words]

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