Deal: Dragon Dictate 4 for Mac, "freakishly fast and accurate"

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You shouldn’t brag about accuracy on a page with a typo on it.

I used a version waay back in the early 2000’s, and even then it was pretty good. I, however, speak like a spazz, so it was hard to use.

That said, after the bungled transaction lead by Goldman Sachs, which left the founders of Dragon Systems bereft of their company and their technology, I’m reluctant to give it another go.

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amd so it begins…


Hows it compare to the Mac’s built in text to speech capabilities?

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Mac Dictation allows “Enhanced Dictation,” not as reliable, but no connection needed, and not sharing everything you say while it’s on with their servers.

I think Dragon Dictate requires sharing everything you say while it’s on.

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Here’s the context of that David Pogue review

It says

Internet connection required for automatic product activation

which implies that you can use it without an internet connection, after it’s been activated-- either online, or by some other means.

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& so it goes


I can’t track down where I’d read about Dragon sending everything to their servers…

Anyway, that, and reports that it didn’t work with LibreOffice, kept me from bothing with it before. At the time, Dictation didn’t work at all well with LibreOffice, but now, it works somewhat better.

I do think that the analysis, and the recognition that “English (U.S.)” is not. one. dialect. might help with my needs.

Yet kids torrenting TV shows and cammed movies are the despised and hunted IP gonifs…
If you are going to steal software go big, people respect that.
And we all know that these ‘bungles’ are most often some sort of stock warrant shorting pump&dump scam or other dirty ‘accidental’ scheme where the sock puppets in the Caribbean are fully but deniably in house assets.

I was hoping that there was a amusing story about how Dragon misinterpreted something and caused a bungled transaction the way the Apple Newton often transformed written input into surreal phrases like “Egg Freckles”, but no, following your link I guess it was just about their financials.

Nuance Product Usage. Certain Nuance Products require
you to enter Speech Data in order to use and derive the benefits of the
particular product. These Nuance Products collect and process the Speech
Data you input into the Nuance Products. Nuance or third parties acting
under the direction of Nuance, pursuant to confidentiality agreements,
use the Speech Data to develop, tune, enhance, and improve Nuance
services and products. Nuance will not use the contents of any Speech
Data provided to us through your use of Nuance Products for any purpose
except as set forth above. “Speech Data” means the audio files,
associated text and transcriptions and log files provided by you
hereunder or generated in connection with Nuance Products. Speech Data
may include Personal Information.

That said, it seems Dragon Dictation for iOS uses server-side transcription, but Dragon Dictate for OSX does not.

That is a heartbreaking story. Goldman Sachs comes across as not only lazy and ineffectual but actively evil. I looked it up and the bakers lost their court case. :frowning:


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