Speech to Text Software

Has anyone been able to use speech-to-text/dictation software?

I currently use a Mac, because of harware and driver issues when I was using Linux. I have used both Apples Enhanced Dictation and Nuance’s Dragon for Mac 5… Neither works.

I think part of the problem is that I’m often writing rules, or writing historical notes, or checking figures and writing those into the historical notes. It’s detail work and requires stopping to check things all the time. But speech-to-text recognition works best with full sentences, without stopping to check things, or inserting unit ratings, or inserting case numbers. I can’t afford the medical version, though it might be better at data entry than the standard version.

Enhanced Dictation has terrible recognition, so it requires me to delete everything and type it all over again.

I suspect accent differences and noise levels are part of the problem.

Dragon For Mac has training, which allows much better recognition, but it still requires me to edit after each half-sentence or so. In Bean, it freezes and is practically useless. In Textedit, it has full text control, so it goes haywire, and grabs text, and deletes text or overwrites it with gibberish.

If I could disable full text control, and enable correction, it might work better.

Has anyone else had success with speech-to-text software, especially on the Mac?

I know Dragon 6 is coming out, but it’s probably even further along the “full text control” road to ruin. Maybe Dragon 4 would work better? It ought to be reasonably priced by now…

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