Can Anyone Suggest a Good Word Processor for the Mac?


I can’t find one that meets my accessibility and usability requirements.

I need to be able to write up game rules, game scenarios, historical notes, etc. I need to be able to avoid worsening my rsi, possibly using Enhanced Dictation or Dragon if I can get one of them to work. I need to be able to avoid flashing lights. Unfortunately, due to a bug in Apple’s text-rendering tools, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, and Pages do not allow users to stop the accursed flashing cursors. But with some command-line preference fixes, Bean, and Textedit, do.

A lot of the writing may involve personal names, place-names, switching N3 to O3, very close editing, data entry, and so on.

Some of the writing involves tables. And it would be much easier if I could input the data in the same order as the source text provides, and sort the data afterwards.

None of the writing requires fancy formatting except for the tables. I’ve had a lot of trouble with losing formatting when switching from one application to another. I still have a lot of trouble with that. I also have trouble with something suddenly switching to a “default font” that I don’t use and haven’t used in the document, or something crashing because an editor used fancy Word formatting and wants me to work with that version, or numbered lists splitting, or the like. I absolutely detest styles.

Obviously, it has to be able to take text from different file formats, and use a common open file format.

Any suggestions?

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As a general note, is there any good way to find accessible software, for given requirements, for the Mac?

Because this is one variation of a recurring problem for me.

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