"Death diver" jumps belly-flop style from 11 stories high just for fun (video)

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Couldn’t avoid noticing the sheets of ice floating next to where the completely insane person jumped. It takes me 5 minutes to get into the water in July. Sheesh.


OMG. That hurt just watching/hearing that.

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I’m interested in the rock that he tossed in before he jumped. I know that pools are sometimes equipped with systems that bubble air into the landing zone, so that instead of hitting a flat sheet of water, divers are hitting a ‘cushion’ of turbulent water filled with air bubbles. This is supposed to lessen the impact (although there seems to be some controversy about how big the effect is). One maker of such a system says that the bubble also gives the diver “something to aim at”.

I assume his rock serves a similar purpose. The question is, does it just create an aiming point, or would there be a measurable difference between diving into still vs. moving water?


I saw this video on reddit yesterday, and there was much discussion in the comments about the purpose of the rock. A lot of people were claiming it was to break the surface tension of the water to lesson the impact, which is complete nonsense, and I believe the Mythbusters busted that one time? Anyway, the most reasonable explanation I saw was it makes it easier for the diver to see where the water actually is so he can tuck at just the right time to avoid an actual belly flop.


Yeah, I’ve seen this before. Just a little break in the surface tension takes it from “jelly on concrete” to “I know what I’m doing” instantly.

It’s not the surface tension.

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Yes, that’s where I saw it! Apparently I learned all the wrong lessons.

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I understood the wavelets help give scale to the aiming point too, to assist with timing the tuck.


It sounds like he’s shouting “Ja!” - “Yes”, so I’d interpret that as jubilation.

This man must be high on something to do this. (Well, he was, briefly!)

(@Carla_Sinclair It is storeys not stories. Please, if possible, edit, so as to prevent this misusage from propagating further.)

The cultural divide following the recent disagreement has already propagated it.

But the expansion can be reduced if people try.

(Well, it’s a story I tell myself. I’d like to shout it from the rooftops, several storeys high.)


Memories of Acapulco cliff diving Saturday afternoons on Wide World of Sports in the 70s.

They have to time it right to get 12 feet of water.

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