US Navy develops diving helmet with HUD


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I like it, now if I only I still enjoyed the Ocean’s depths.


Looks too heavy to want to have on my head while diving.


Just might keep your face a bit warmer, maybe.


Yeah its got that going for it. I wonder how you switch between things displayed, if not touch a clunky button someplace?

Having air to insulate your face and head might be nice. I dive dry and wear a hood most of the time, so very little skin is exposed, but its still chilly.

Having used Diver Communications Systems in a few facemasks with integrated Regulator and mic set ups, I didn’t like that either. Not horrible but it’d take some getting used to. Not for recreational diving, anyways.


But is the new helmet Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger?


Probably costs that much.


When I got certified in the old century, the instructor “hearing impaired signed” under water. To this day that is the best way I have ever seen to communicate while diving with others humans.


I’m OK
Look at this
How Much Air You Got?
This Much Air!
Lets go Up!
Share Air! I’m fucked!

Pretty much all you need.


We did underwater recovery / salvage / welding / work / etc. Pleasure diving is a bit more relaxed than doing it for work. Therefore the need for more detailed communication is needed.


They’re probably gonna make a lot of money on this, but not nearly that much.




Thanks, I put you up for the “awesomely awesomeness” award today.


Weld There
Scrape that
Get out of my way

the Diver comms stuff was used on some UW archaeology and survey work.


The “voice of experience” speaks.


Probably less than 10 hammers…


Roger That!




They’re blocking up the scenery, man.

Breaking my mind.


Long hair freaky people probably can’t fit in that helmet.